Monday, April 21, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: Exhibit "A" In The Case Of "You NEVER Use Smartphones To Tease a Frog."

Aces Casino Entertainment has long been known for two things -- One is being the best orange county casino party company on the west coast.  The other, you ask? Well, we're also being recognized for our innate ability to find classic YouTube comedic gold.  Such is the case today, courtesy of our top "comedic gold correspondent" from, none other than Scott Roeben.

Scott has done it again by forwarding this lil' ditty from the YouTube archives... Something we've deemed as "You can only take this abuse for so long...."

Ribbit 1, SmartPhone User 0.

We're back on Thursday with more from our "informative" Aces Casino Blog team.  Before we go, here's another "instant coupon" -- If you're looking for an event for either Friday, May 9th or Saturday, May 10th, boy, "have we got a deal for you!"  (Grin)  Call Aces Casino, mention this blog entry, and book an event for one of those two days next month and get $100 off your final event balance, courtesy of our fabulous orange county casino night party company!!  We only have two spots on our event calendar left for those two dates, so hurry up and give us a call.  That's all, take care, and we'll see you on April 23rd with another scintillating blog post!  (Ed. Note:  Yeah, right.  Let me guess - You're bringing back the basketball-playing bear.  Terrific....)

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