Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: As "Holidays" Go, It Looks Like "Earth Day" Ain't Gonna Be One Of Our Favorites Any Time Soon (And For Some Pretty Good Reasons)

Without question, there are (at least) two things that the staff at Aces Casino Entertainment (The unchallenged leader in orange county casino night events on the west coast) just LOVES -- Las Vegas night casino events, and paid holidays.

So, it should go without question as that same staff was intrigued when our in-office calendar proudly shouted to the crowd that Tuesday, April 22 was "Earth Day."  Unfortunately, intrigue turned to despair when it was announced that "Earth Day" wasn't considered an official Aces Casino Entertainment paid holiday.  (Ed. Note: phhh, yeah, like Earth Day would be a PAID holiday.  Dreamers.)

Well, since the idea of going to the beach on the company's dime was scuttled, it was decided that someone should actually look up this unusual holiday, and see how this orange county casino party company could do its' duty to properly celebrate "Earth Day." 

Yeah, guess who THAT person was.  You got it, the ol' "The Aces Casino Blog" guy himself.

First, before any search of the proper "Earth Day" celebration techniques could be discerned, it was decided that we'd take on something that our entire crew had been putting off for months now -- Donating some of our old TV monitors to a place like Good Will Industries, a place that was right down the street from us, and loved donations that they could refurb and turn a profit to help out the local charities.

That was mistake #1.

Now, let it be said that these TV monitors are in GREAT shape, and the only reason we're letting them go is because we don't need the additional inventory for our once-popular "Aces Race And Sports Book" video system.  We could easily let go of about eight monitors, and still have enough video systems on hand to run two different setups of our simulated sports book at any venue in the future.   (Ed. Note: You need to advertise the ARSB, as we call it here.  Get crackin', that's job #2, when you're done with Earth Day.) 

OK, so yours truly and one other team member take these monitors over to Good Will.  Now, I'll admit it right now -- I've driven by this building on the way to work about 1000 times, but, to this moment, I'd never donated anything before, nor had I set foot inside this facility. 

Needless to say, this was an eye-opening experience.

I thought that Aces Casino has a lot of moving parts at OUR facility.  We drive around to the back of this place, and find that It's as big as Staples Center.  It is HUGE.  Who knew charity was so profitable?

The Back Room.  OK, THESE guys have their act together.

We wander around in this humongous back room for a tad, when two reps from Good Will approach us.  When they find out what we've brought to donate on Earth Day, they have some news for us.  They're going to need our I.D.'s, and we've got some paperwork to fill out.  It seems that Good Will Industries needs to charge us $25 a pop for each of the monitors we've brought them, just in case they don't sell.  (It's some sort of "Green Act" that states these monitors need to go to a special place to be disposed of.)

 I'm instantly hating Earth Day, already.

Oh, Also, they need to I.D. us if the charity finds out these monitors are stolen, so they can come and get us, so we can be locked up.  Believe me, nothing says "give to charity until it hurts" quite like the threat of incarceration.  Gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Yeah, I'm REALLY hatin' on Earth Day, now.

I mention to the guy that these monitors are pretty nice, and, even in this condition, would EASILY fetch about $75 apiece, but that's not where his mind is.  He's not interested in anything but our driver's licenses and another form of I.D.  I inform this Gestapo agent that he won't be seeing our papers any time soon, pack up our monitors, and return to the offices. 

OK, for the record, we don't have anything at all against Good Will Industries.  I'm sure that It's a fine charity that does a lot of good work, and also puts a lot of people to work that wouldn't normally have jobs.  But that's what Aces Casino Entertainment does, as well.  We've donated thousands of dollars of donated items for fundraisers all across the west coast every year for the last 20 years, without ever seeing the inside of a jail cell.  

So, upon returning to the Aces Casino offices and returning the monitors to their natural habitat, we decide to look up just what some people and organizations do to celebrate Earth Day.  Here are a few of our discoveries....

--- A company called "Astroglide," a maker of "Green" personal lubricants, suggests that, according to their website, "For a "Green" bedroom experience, pick up some Astroglide Natural, a botanical-enhanced personal lubricant that does not contain glycerin, parabens, or alcohol and is made with Aloe Vera, Chamomile Flower Extract, and Vitamins C & E."  Umm, yeah,  No comment here.  I'm already in trouble with Good Will Industries.

--- Eco "Rally Towels"?   Somehow, giving out organic cotton towels to attendees of the Pittsburgh Pirates' game yesterday counts as an environmental good.

--- And OUR favorite, It's the latest "Green" Super-Hero.  "Tree-Fu Tom," who "swings" into action on some channel on Earth Day.

 Sigh....  Whatever happened to Bugs Bunny?

Now I know why Earth Day isn't a paid vacation.   Seems that everything affiliated with this pseudo-holiday is a disaster.  Heck, even that Will Smith "After Earth" film bombed.  But at least Will and Junior Will weren't be thrown in jail for appearing in the film.

Unless they brought a monitor to the set with them.  Bring your ID, Mr. "Fresh Prince."  You'll need it.

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