Thursday, April 17, 2014

Aces Blog "College Of Casino Game Knowledge:" When you're Given The Nickname of "The Ultimate Cheat," You Must be Doing Something Not-So-Right

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment, we love talking about ALL aspects of the games we love – Especially the games found in most every casino both here in the United States, and around the globe.  Hey – It’s what this orange county casino party company is known for.  (Ed. Note: Well, that, and betting Jai Alai in Florida, but that’s another story.)

Now, we mention loving ALL aspects of the casino-style games… Not just the game itself, but sometimes, the lengths people will go to in order to beat these games, be it legally or illegally.  That’s why we took on this topic for April’s “Short Attention Span Theater” topic – The cheaters of the games.  Hey – We couldn’t call ourselves to top orange county casino night party company on the west coast, if we didn’t.

So, to that end, we bring you another edition of “Cheaters, Thieves and Swindlers:” This time out, we look into the life of the dubious duo of Richard Marcus and Pat Mallory, who took "past-posting" to an art.  Meet Richard Marcus, the man they called "The Ultimate Cheat."

My Mother-In-Law always considered me "The Ultimate Cheat."

Hope you enjoyed this look at the part of the games that people don't normally think about..... If you have time, check out the book (Ed. Note: Yep, Marcus wrote a book!) that Richard Marcus wrote, called "American Roulette."  You may find it interesting.....OK, We'll be back next time with another story surrounding the players that look to cheat the games they love... See you then!

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