Monday, March 17, 2014

Aces Casino Blog: Sure And It Would Be Wrong If We Didn't Recognize "St. Paddy's Day!" (Yes, "Paddy!")

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment, we've been known to do a little too much celebrating on certain holidays; Christmas and Thanksgiving, to name a couple... But only because of the food... Oh, yes, the FOOD!  Those holidays are MADE for partaking in the rite of overeating.  Therefore, it must stand to reason that some of the brethren here at the top orange county casino party company on the west coast would be celebrating THEIR favorite holiday on this fine day - "St. Patrick's Day."

You got it... We've got some "lovers of the suds" floating around these halls today, and I DO mean "floating."  We're certain that, once the 5:30pm bell rings here at Aces Casino, it'll be off to the nearest Irish Pub to join in the festivities of "St. Paddy's Day."

Oh, yeah, PLEASE do NOT call it "St. Patty's Day."  As our Irish contingency is quick to point out, the holiday centers around a gentleman by the first name of Padraig, hence, "Paddy," for short.  Yep, without question, we learn something new every day here at the orange county casino night party leader.  (Ed. Note: Even if it IS so incredibly trivial...)

So, to that end, we'd like to join our "Erin Go Bragh" friends and celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the way that we know best --  By hitting you with all of the Irish history that we've learned in the last year from Mike Leahy, our resident IT expert and long-time employee of Aces Casino.  We asked Mike what we should do for "St. Paddy's Day," and he suggested two things -- His top ten Irish slang phrases that he normally uses to excess, when doing his thing here at Aces Casino, and a short video concerning the history of the holiday. 
10 Phrases and Slang of the Irish
  1. "Sure look it" - acceptable response for any question, statement, or comment
  2. "A whale of a time" - a good time
  3. "quare" (as in "it is quare warm today") - quite or very
  4. "put the heart crossways" (in someone) - to give someone a fright
  5. "wrecked" - very tired, usually after a night out
  6. "like hen's teeth" - something rare
  7. "I will yea" - I definitely won't
  8. "banjaxed" - broken
  9. "wet the tea" - make tea
  10. "pull your socks up" - get to work

A history lesson with a pot o' gold.

That's all for now, kiddies... We'll be back on Thursday with more drivel, courtesy of the top orange county casino party company on the west coast, and parts of Ireland - Aces Casino Entertainment!

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