Monday, February 3, 2014

Aces Casino Blog Super Bowl Picks Result: Teddy Bear and Anastasia Lead The Aces Casino Team to Their 20th Straight Super Bowl Winner!

(Ed. Note: We take this moment to tell those of you that were expecting the Aces Casino Blog "Blast From The Past" February series to begin today that the Aces Casino Super Bowl Selection Series has preempted that scheduled "Blast."  The opening "Blast" will be now be appearing here tomorrow morning.  Apologies, but when you hit 20 straight wins, ya gotta brag...)

Ir's Official, my friends of the Aces Casino Blog!  The streak is now at TWENTY!  In what has to be the most unbelievable streak of luck ever documented in the annals of blog-dom, Aces Casino Entertainment, the top orange county casino party company on the west coast, is now known for TWO things -- Fantastic casino night parties, and a 20-game winning streak in selecting Super Bowl winners!

I remember when this streak was at FIVE.... THAT'S when I got curious as to just how the company determined who they'd pick as their selection in the big game every year.  That dopey piano-playing chicken, Henny Penny, got things rolling with a long streak of her own (17 straight chicken picks).  Then, after the chicken was forced into retirement by new owners at Knott's Berry Farm (Ed. Note: a dark day at our offices), Aces Casino has gone from a donkey, to an elephant, to this year's gifted prognostication team - A dog and a porcupine. 

I truly can't believe that this thing has reached 20.  Last year's selection was even mired in controversy, and Aces Casino STILL had the winner.  Well, congratulations to all of our faithful followers that read our blog, found our selection for the winner of SB48, and went out and bet the Seahawks.  We're now starting to get picked up by a couple of newswire services.  They'd like to see us do it again.  Well, we'll be glad to show you, but we don't make ANY of the picks.  If Teddy Bear the Porcupine retires, we'll probably find a bear that'll make the pick, or a monkey that throws darts at a board (my personal fave).  

It won't matter.  That's 20 straight. The pick was submitted, as usual, 3 days before the event.  Here's the link, for all the doubters.  We just CAN'T lose.  I still don't believe this is still going.  Talk about a long roll...

Win # 20.  Owners of the porcupine have removed the pic.

Well, all we can say is, we'll be back next year with another winning Super Bowl pick, and we'll be back tomorrow with the beginning of our February "Blast from the Past" edition.  Qgain, congrats to all that trusted the porcupine, and we'll see you tomorrow!

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