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Aces Casino Blog: Coin-Operated Casino Games - Past, Present and Future (Remember Sigma Derby?)

(Ed. Note: Time for another trip into the Aces Blog time machine, for a post that took place in the middle of 2013.  Nostalgia reigned supreme, as the crew checked out some vintage casino coin-operated games....)

If we here at Aces Casino could picture a perfect Aces Casino Entertainment business world, our Orange County casino party company juggernaut would be HAPPY to provide our many casino night party clients with TONS of fun gaming machines of all kinds for their vegas night entertainment needs.  Unfortunately, any attempt to do just that might come into just a tad of conflict with all of the legalized indian casinos that populate our fine state of California.

In other words, the minute we showed up with a slot machine at one of our events, they'd sue us, and have us thrown in jail.  (Ed. Note: And, rightfully so.)  So much for the perfect Aces Casino business climate.  That's the BAD news - NO coin games.  The GOOD news?  There are still a TON of OTHER games and tables that we can provide those same happy clients with, so they can host their own Las Vegas night casino party, something that we've been doing in southern California for over 20 years, now.

Still, It's kind of sad for this reporter.  I just LOVE playing those coin-op games in Las Vegas.

I'll admit it.  I'm a SUCKER for coin-operated casino games.  When the Las Vegas casinos print propaganda for their personnel to use to entice players into their gaming establishment to spend their hard-earned coinage, they use my picture in the leaflet.  Now,

Yep, I'm the target.

Even today, even when I know the odds of me actually catching a profit in any subsequent series of spins, rolls, or what-have-you, I'm STILL right there, playin' away.  Hey, one thing that my friends know about ol' Aces -- I'm easily amused, but not easily impressed.  Bottom line, you can keep all of those slot machines.  I'm not big on those.  Nope, not ME.  I'm more of a sucker for the PHYSICAL games, games like the skill cranes.  You know, the ones that you get the chance to pull out a stuffed animal or some other object of fairly dubious value, should your claw actually have  a fairly firm grip on what you were trying to win, and not develop what I call "claw arthritis."  (In the interest of fairness and accuracy in reporting on this coin-operated phenomenon, our Current Win % in skill cranes - 0.01%.)

So, yes, 'tis true.  We LOVE us some coin-op games.  So, to that end, we thought it might be fun for the staff here at the Aces Casino Blog  to take a look at 3 of the Aces Casino staff's favorite current, and "not-so-current" casino games that people can still play in Las Vegas, games that aren't slot machines and are just as much fun.

#1 -- The "Sigma Derby"

The first minute that I saw one of these babies on the floor of the old MGM Grand Hotel (Now Bally's), I was hooked.  You'd put your money in, pick your best quinella (the horses that will finish 1st and 2nd in the race, in either order), and they're off!  Pull up a stool and grab a couple of rolls or quarters, and have fun!

"Sigma Derby."

Now, for the REALLY good news -- The MGM Grand Hotel STILL HAS one of these on their casino floor!  Looks like when they moved to their new location down on Tropicana and N. Las Vegas Boulevard, they took the game WITH them!  If you've never seen this game in action, we've got the footage (as usual)...Check it out....

The "Sigma Derby" at the MGM Grand. 

The game is also over at the "D" in Downtown Las Vegas (formerly known as "Fitzgerald's).  It's a trip down memory lane.  Now, for those of you that require something a little more "21st-Century," we 've got you covered as well, with two of my FAVORITE current Vegas coin-op casino games....

#2 -- Aruze "Shoot To Win" Automatic Craps Game

Guess where I ran into THIS lil' marvel.  None other than The MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  Yep, that's TWO hot machines for the price of one visit.  The Aruze "Shoot To Win" Automatic Craps machine is a KICK.  It's got this girl's voice that announces the game's results, plus, when It's your turn to activate the "popper"action that shoots the dice trapped inside their own little glass container in the middle of the game into the air, she'll yell at you to "push the button" directly in front of your personal console.  Here's some footage of the Aruze "Shoot To Win" game in action...


This game's a real winner in our book.  You can also find this 21st-Century marvel at South Point Casino, as well as the Orleans.  Oh, yeah, one more thing -- "PUSH THE BUTTON!!!"  OK, OK, jeez, she sounds cute, but she's so BOSSY...

#3 --The Rio Hotel and Casino "Rapid" Roulette Table

Now, THIS baby is quite a find.  It's sitting right at the mouth of the pool entrance.  You pass by it on the way down the corridors toward the Amazon Room, on your way to participate in the 44th Annual World Series Of Poker.  The good news is, It's the PERFECT table for those Roulette players that don't need to physically place the chips on a regulation table, but want the same feel for the game, with a comfy chair to sit in while playing.  There are also hosts in the center of the system, surrounded by all of the players.  They're very helpful, and make it fun.

The BAD news?  As of today, we still don't have any actual footage of this electronic marvel to share with you.  No worries, though -- The Aces Casino team is heading to Las Vegas on June 30th, to link up with our blog-buddy, Scott Roeben, and the Rio is on his list of top hotels in the Harrah's chain.  We'll get some footage, we promise.

Rapid Roulette.

One way or the other, We Told ya.  We LOVE us some coin-op games, and these three are at the top of our list for games to try out, next time you visit the mecca of gaming, Las Vegas. Next up on the blog for Monday is one of our new favorites - "Superstition Digest."  Just the NAME should bring up ugly thoughts of bad beats and horrible, cruel twists of fate.  Yep, just like the team at Aces Casino, southern California's top team of Orange county casino party crazies likes it.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed.  We'll see you then!

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