Saturday, February 1, 2014

Aces Casino Blog: Celebrated Chinese New Year (The Year Of The Horse) Yesterday, and Super Bowl 48 Tomorrow... Hmmm....Wait, You Don't Think That..??

Just a quick note to say that our Aces Casino crews all over southern California reported having a GREAT time celebrating Chinese New Year last night.  2014 was officially decreed as the "year of the horse" by our Chinese clients.  And then, tomorrow, the Denver Broncos face the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL's championship game, Super Bowl 48.

Which got us all to thinkin'.....

"Year Of The Horse?"  Are you kidding me?

It's a good thing I ain't a hunch-player, or I'd be doing something that I personally NEVER do -- Bet on the Broncos (a.k.a. "the HORSE") in tomorrow's Super Bowl.  And, ESPECIALLY when both Teddy Bear the Porcupine and Anastasia the Dog have made the Aces Casino official selection of the Seahawks as the winner of SB 48.  You know those two -- They're the two animal prognosticators that are in charge of keeping the Aces Casino Super Bowl Winning Streak alive, which is currently at a whopping 19 straight Super Bowls. 

Just goin' on record... I don't care if it's the "Year of the Peyton Manning," I'm NOT switching the Aces Casino pick.  I know, our business tax accountant is a Bronco fan.  I don't care.  And the mailman, HE'S a Bronco fan.  No prob.  19 straight winners is good enough for me.  SEATTLE.  The porcupine said it, the dog agreed, and we're going with it.  I didn't hear the DRAGON make any predictions last night.  We're stickin' with who brung us to the Super Bowl dance.  SEATTLE.

I don't care WHAT you say.  The porcupine says SEATTLE.

We'll be back on Monday to collect our free lunch, all you Aces Casino doubters.  From all of us here at the top orange county casino party company in the business, good luck, and enjoy the game, see you then!

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