Thursday, January 30, 2014

Aces Casino Blog: We Place Our 19-Game Win Super Bowl Win Streak On The Line With OUR Pick For Super Bowl 48! (We Have This Sure-Fire System...)

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment, we love to invite our new clients to come down to our offices in Buena Park to tour the facilities and see how much work goes into what we provide as the top orange county casino party company on the west coast. We love watching their faces as they see all of the glittering marvels of the casino night party industry that are ready to go out and entertain the southern California masses on any given weekend.

Sometimes, the first question they ask is a good one... "So, you guys must love to bet, right?"

Well, no, we tell them, not on these tables.  These tables are for entertainment only, just as if you were bringing 10-to-15 Monopoly tables to a party.  There is never any betting of any kind on any of our fine casino party equipment.

But, the SUPER BOWL?  Well, now, THAT'S different.

Yes, we admit it, we DO have a Super Bowl pool.  (Ed. Note: My numbers are 6-Seattle and 1-Denver.  I'm good with those.)  The pools are always a lot of fun, and totally random when selecting the winners.  We like it like that.  But, here at Aces Casino, we currently have not one, but TWO streaks that we are VERY interested in keeping intact.

One is simply the fact that, in our 20-year history, we have NEVER spoiled a client's surprise party.  We always use unmarked vehicles, and arrive WAY before the guest of honor is to be surprised.  It's out second-longest Aces Casino Entertainment active streak.

What's the FIRST, you might ask?  Well, since Aces Casino was formed in 1994, the selection made by the company as to who will win that calendar years' Super Bowl game has gone a perfect 19-for-19.  (Ed. Note: The company opened in April of 1994, which meant that Super Bowl 28 was not a part of the mix.  When Ms. Penny picked the 49ers in SB 29 as her opening selections, we knew we had the right chicken.) 

Now, here's the funny thing.  The STAFF here at Aces Casino has never made one of those 20 selections.  Oh, no, that would be wrong, and would go against our staunch rules about betting.  No, around here, we decided long ago to use "independent contractors" to make the selections.

From 1994 to 2011, the Knott's Berry Farm piano-playin' chicken, Henny Penny, went a perfect 17-for-17, before her highly unfortunate forced retirement by the new owners of the park.  They probably gave her the "Chicken Dinner Restaurant Treatment," virtually killing our golden goose, er, chicken.

So, we moved on to find another top prognosticator worthy of our sponsorship... That's when we found Papa, the miniature donkey, a resident of the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa, who had been on a long streak of his own.  We signed Papa to a one-year contract, to which he promptly selected the New York Giants in SB46, making the Aces official selection a perfect 18-and-0.

Another upset pick, Hee-Haw!

Then, when Papa unexpectedly retired from the prognostication biz due to the pressures of the day, we took our business last year to Jody, the pigskin-pickin'-pachyderm, who gave us the Baltimore Ravens, a big upset, in the Big Game.  BOOM goes the elephant dynamite!  Another winner.

19 wins, no losses.  We're in the wrong business.

So, now, it comes down to this Sunday's game... And, because the streak is so near and dear to us, we went to not one, but TWO sources for SB48.  If THEY agreed, we thought, we're good to go.  First up, It's Teddy Bear the Porcupine, who is currently riding a 2-game win streak.  (That's good enough for us.)  We'd disclose Teddy's location, but we don't want the media masses converging on this poor-but-perfect-pickin'-porcupine....

 Porcupines are never wrong.  Trust me.

So, yeah, Teddy Bear likes Seattle.  That's who I like in the game, too, so I'm OK with that.  But... We need another opinion, one from another source that is fully documented... To that end, will Anastasia the dog, who has hit her last THREE Super Bowl predictions while doing her thing on a NATIONAL stage (no less than 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno'), agree with Teddy, and make our selection official?

Balloon-Biting Dogs are never wrong, either.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our 20th selection of who Aces Casino likes in Super Bowl 48.  The Seattle Seahawks.  Hey, how can you argue with 17 chickens, a dog, an elephant and a porcupine?  We always tell our players at our virtual tables, "Ride out the winning streak until it stops."

20 in a row, here we come.  Hey!  We'll see you back on Monday with another edition of the Aces Casino Blog.  Enjoy the game, everyone!!

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