Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aces Casino Blog: Just In Case You Missed It, Here's Our YouTube Video Of The Month -- The "Devil Baby!"

Let it never be said that Aces Casino Entertainment, A.K.A. the TOP orange county casino party company in these here parts, doesn't enjoy a good YouTube video.  Just ask our resident UPS driver, Scott Shiever, what he thinks about our video selections.  He always answers with two words - "Nuthin' Better."

Therefore, without any further interruption, here is our Aces Casino teams' vote for the best YouTube Video of the Month for January - The infamous "Devil Baby."  If you've already seen this, you'll still love to see it again.  If you haven't?  You're in for a treat.  Check it out, It's an instant YouTube classic.....

I would have jumped out of my shoes.

That's all for today.  (Ed. Note: Isn't that ENOUGH?)  We'll be back next time with another entry into the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge."  Put away those "Exorcist" DVDs, and we'll see you then!

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