Thursday, January 2, 2014

Aces Casino Blog: It's 2014, Which Means That It's Time to Start The Aces Blog-Ball Rolling With Our "Top 3 Favorite YouTube Viral Videos From 2013!"

Anyone that knows the team over at Aces Casino Entertainment (The West Coast's top Orange county casino party company) knows that this group of crazies we call staff members just LOVE to post articles on our "slightly irreverent" Aces Casino Blog that have that certain "panache."  (Ed. Note: this is what we get when the Aces crew plays "Words With Friends" all day long.)

So, with that in mind, let's kick off 2014 here at the Aces Casino Blog with a BANG, by starting out with our very favorite "Top 3" viral videos of the past 365 days.... Enjoy!

#3 -- "We Guess The Cat's Name Wasn't Snowball"

We've never been fans of mistreating animals over here at Aces Casino, so when we saw this clip that shows what happened when a woman giving this lil' tabby a snow shower, we were pleased...

"Hey, lady - Where did you get that GREAT hat?"

#2 --Big-Time Twerk-Fail"

Nothing needs to be said about this classis 37-second piece of YouTube Gold.

I see that "Hot Pants" are coming back into style...

#1 -- "Ultimate Fail Compilation 2013"

WE can't EVER get enough of the "Fail" series of videos that come out each and every year... Here's our pick for the top "Fail Compilation of 2013."


That's all for today, my Aces Blog-Minions.  We'll see you on Monday.  Oh - One other thing -- We're giving a $100 discounts on ALL Aces Casino Entertainment events booked for the month of February.  Don't ever say we never give you anything of value here at the "blog."  (Ed. Note: Umm, I'll let this one go.)  Call us with your February event, mention this Blog, and Voila!  Poof -- $100 bucks off your event's cost.  We're only posting this offer until the month sells out, so call us today and let's do February! 

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