Monday, January 20, 2014

Aces Casino Blog: From Our "Theater of the Bizarre" Collection, Check Out This Crazy Scene At a Horse Race In New Jersey That IS "Full Contact Racing"

At Aces Casino Entertainment, also widely recognized as the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, we kinda love it whenever we discover another potential entrant into our long list of blog entries that fit under the category of "Theater Of The Bizarre."  This next submission into the category "in spades," so to speak.  It also fits nicely into the category of "what goofy thing can we write about in our blog today, to give us 3 more days off of having to write something?"

Fortunately, my friends, all of our prayers are answered.

Check out this wild scene that took place earlier this month at a race track out in New Jersey, a scene that begs the question, "do they REALLY need to race in weather like THIS?"  (Ed. Note: The answer appears to be obvious.)  We'll be back on Thursday with yet another worthless Aces Casino Blog entry.  Before we go, remember that February is "Big Discount Month" here at the casino night party leader -- Mention this dopey blog and get $100 off of any February event booked with Aces Casino!  That's all, folks.  See you on Thursday!

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