Monday, January 13, 2014

Aces Casino Blog: As Advertised, Here Are The Answers To Our Incredibly Tough Pop-Quiz on The Big-$$$$ Game Of Baccarat! (No Cheating, Now.)

Time for a tip of the cap to all of our many hard-working students enrolled in the virtual version of the Aces Casino "College of Casino Game Knowledge,"  as well as to all of our many faithful blog readers of southern California's Orange County casino party leader - Welcome back to the sometimes-informative, most-often irreverent Aces Casino Blog, and a special welcome to those of you that waited all weekend to come back and check out the answers to our "test."  You're truly the readers that we write for....

We're sure that most of you have returned for the answers to our 10 not-so-tough questions concerning the game that some call mysterious, and others call "the sure-fire cure for insomnia" - Baccarat.  Last Thursday, we dropped the 10 questions on you (If you didn't have the chance to take the test, you can find the link here) - Today, we supply the answers.  Hope you did well, since it was an open-book test, which is this Orange County casino party company's favorite type of test.  Good luck, and let us know how you did!

1) How many decks of cards does a shoe hold? 
Answer - A. 8 Decks are held in the shoe.

2) Winning in the game means coming closest to what number? 
Answer - B. The answer is Number 9.  It's the Blackjack's version of "21."

3) If you are dealt a Jack and 7, what is the count? 
Answer - C. - 7.  Cards, 2 through 9 count as their face value. 10’s and face cards count as 10.  Aces count as 1. If the count is more than 9, the last digit of the total is used.  So, if the hand has a Jack (10) and a 7, then it totals not 17, but 7. Forget your Blackjack tendencies at THIS table, my friends.

4)  If you bet the Banker hand and win, the commission rate paid is ? 
Answer - A. 5%. Remember, when you are finished playing, this commission is payable. No "dine-and-dash" action here.  Pai-Gow hits you at the time of the win.  This one holds a grudge.  Check the casino's rules at the table first.

5)  Besides Banker and Player, you can wager on a Tie Bet. The casino advantage is ? 
Answer - C. At a whopping 14% Casino Advantage, this bet is NOT recommended. (It's kinda fun, though, especially if you love long-shots.)

Come on, you KNOW you wanna TRY it.

6) Average shoe will deal about 82 hands. How many are Bank wins? 
Answer - B. Bank will win approx. 38 times, Player: 36 wins, and 8 ties. I know what you're thinking, all of you "Martingale" players out there.  Do the math first, and talk to me later.

7) Cards more favorable to the Bank Hand are...
Answer - B. Cards more favorable to the bank hand are King, Queen and Jack.

8) Cards more favorable to the Player Hand are ?  
Answer - A. Cards more favorable to the player hand are 2, 3, and 4.  Ace, 6 and 8 are neutral. Bank hands win more because the bank stands on a 7, 8 or 9, while player stands on  6, 7, 8 and 9. Bank can draw on a 6 where player cannot. Ahh, now, there’s the rub.

9) What does the term ‘Punto’ refer to? 
Answer - C. Punto means Player—that’s you.

10) La Grande refers to what card number? 
Answer - B. The French term La Grande means a Natural Nine. It's like catching an Ace-Jack combo in the first two cards in Blackjack.  A natural's a natural, my friends.

So, there you have it, my friends -- from Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party juggernaut -- Baccarat in a nutshell.   As we mentioned before, the game has similar tendencies to Pai-Gow Poker, as Baccarat has rules that basically cause the game to "play itself."  If you're looking for a game that you can suck down a brew or two, yet still be sharp enough to handle the favorable action, maybe you should try Baccarat; The odds against the player ain't too bad.  Take it from Aces Casino, the Orange County casino night party leader - You MAY just LIKE it!  

That's all for this busy Monday, you Aces Blog-a-holics... On Thursday, we have a "special treat" -- That is, a treat for everyone that wonders how that Hawaiian delicacy, "SPAM," originally got it's name.  Yep, you guessed it... It's another edition of the Aces Casino Blog series called "how did they get that crazy name?"  You know you love it.  (Ed. Note: Not.)  We'll see you then, bring your SPAM!

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