Friday, November 29, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: "Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful..." (And Inside? If You Decided To Shop On "Black Friday," That's Pretty Frightening, Too!)

Never let it be said that Aces Casino, they of the top Orange county casino party on the west coast, doesn't know when to stay away from the shopping centers of our fine metropolis here in California, ESPECIALLY on days like "Black Thursday Thanksgiving," as well and the Grand-daddy of the ALL, "Black Friday."

The following is a "public service message," from your friends over at Aces Casino.  Our best wishes to all of us, to all of you?  Stay safe, and we'll see you soon at the various holiday parties that we're attending this coming month, also known around here as "Black December."  (Yeah, it's really busy here.)  Take care, and we'll see you all next week!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: It's Our Never-Ending Continuing Saga Of SkyVue v. The High Roller -- Episode Um, Uhhh... (We Think It's Episode 5, But We Lost Count)

Let it never be said that Aces Casino, they of the top Orange County casino night party company on the west coast, shirks their duties in bringing our many readers the latest on the most pertinent topics facing our industry in this, the 21st century.

Namely, the "Las Vegas Space Race," of course.

We first took on the task of finding out which of the (then) two planned constructions of observation wheels in the city of Las Vegas would end up being completed first -- The SkyVue, situated across the street from the Mandalay Bay Hotel, and the High Roller, pat of the new "Linq" remodeling plan from Caesars Entertainment.  Naturally, when we found out that one was going to look really cool, and the other appeared to be heading down "Goofy Boulevard," we picked sides, selecting the High Roller as our fave.

I think Raymond Reddington (Blacklist) said it best... "Boy, I never tire of being correct."

Yes, it looks like It's curtains for the ol' SkyVue, but as promised, let's look in on our two observation wheels-to-be, and see how things are going... First, the Challenger -- SkyVue.  And what better character to interview than SkyVue's official mascot, the spokesperson for the SkyVue Observation wheel himself, none other than Tiny, The Tumbleweed!   

Now, before you see "Tiny," we'd like to thank our blog-buddy, Mr. Scott Roeben, for providing this hilarious spoof concerning the now "unofficial mascot" of the SkyVue wheel.  Scott is the blog-master, and should you wish to see more of his work, check out this link to his latest creation, "Vital Vegas."   You'll also find our blog report regarding SkyVue's competitor, "The High Roller," right below this blog post on our Aces Casino Blog, courtesy of the top Orange County casino party company on the west coast, none other than Aces Casino!

OK, Tiny, take it away....

OK, You've Seen What SkyVue Has To Offer (Tiny The Tumblerweed?) -- Now, Let's Turn To OUR Favorite Observation Wheel, Caesars' "The High Roller."

You know, as much as I LOVE ol' Tiny The Tumbleweed (GAG!), we just have to move on. For those of you that have no idea what we're talking about (Ed. Note: The numbers here would be staggering, if ever published), you can check out "Tiny The Tumbleweed" on our previous blog post, courtesy of the top Orange County casino night party company, Aces Casino.

OK, with SkyVue in our rear-view-mirror, let's now take a peek at the updated info on the Linq's new observation wheel project, "The High Roller."  Things are looking up with this project.... WE can't declare a winner yet, but It's getting close.  Enjoy the High Roller vid, and we'll see you back here on Monday, with another irreverent look at life from our friends at Aces Casino...See you later!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: I've Been Told By Management That Getting Busy During The Holidays Is No Excuse To Ignore The A. C. Blog (Hey, At Least I TRIED.)

Yes, we know... "Hey!  What's up with the BLOG?  Wake UP over there!"  OK, OK, yes, it gets crazy over the holidays-to-come.... That, and the company's fantasy football team is reeling after our team's record dropped to 7-4.  But, we're back, and ready to re-engage (and try NOT to digress so easily), courtesy of the top Orange County Casino Night company in the southland, A.K.A. Aces Casino.

Today, we found this lil' ditty regarding a kid that showed up at a train station looking like Harry Potter, and asking for platform 9 3/4.  Well, you KNOW that we're wanting THIS vid.  You'll find the link right below this blog article, as "Harry Potter in Real Life."  It's down below this post, check it out.  Oh, and for those of you (all 3 of you) that are waiting patiently for an update on "SkyVue v. High Roller," we'll give you that one on Thursday.  Take care, and we'll see you in two days. 

Aces Casino Blog: Dress Up a Kid To Look Like Harry Potter, Put Him Inside a Train Station, And VOILA! Shades Of Dumbledore, It's "Harry Potter in Real Life."

 Here's that YouTube vid that'll just floor you.  Spoiler Alert!  That IS the real Ron Weasley.  Enjoy, from all of us at the top Orange County casino party company on the West Coast, Aces Casino!

Harry Potter in Real Life