Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: You KNOW That The Skeptics Were Asking For Trouble When They Told Us That "You Can't Put The Toothpaste Back In The Tube"

Wow - That two-week vacation went fast!  A big thank-you to all of our blog fans (Ed. Note: All three of you) for putting up with our unscheduled sabbatical.  The good news is, our award-winning Orange county casino party company didn't fold up without our dumb blog being away for some 15 days .... But, the bad news is, they didn't forget about it needing to be posted, either.  So, to that end, let's get back to work...

Today, we have a simple lil' ditty for you; It comes under the heading of "snappy sayings that people have been uttering for years, that needed to be addressed."  At an Aces Casino Entertainment event last weekend, we were partaking in a conversation about people that posted "unflattering pictures" of their spouse on places like Facebook and Twitter, and how that seemed to rankle the spousal member whose ugly pic was posted.  That's when it happened; The wife involved in the posting told her hubby, "Sorry, darling, but that ship has sailed.  You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube."

Now, we'll ignore that "ship has sailed" part of the response she gave, so we can focus on the second and more juicy of the utterance -- That part about "you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube."  Anyone that reads our blog religiously KNOWS that we're going to see if we can debunk that theory.  Well, we looked for the answer to our quest, and we found it.

 Exhibit A - So much for THAT idea.

This just means one thing -- Don't tell the team over at Aces Casino that you can't do something.  Twenty years ago, people told the management of our fledgling company that we couldn't break into the Orange county casino night party industry just because we had fresh ideas, and knew how to treat our soon-to-be-big client base.  20 years later, we're #2 in the industry, and having a total blast putting on professional casino parties for all of southern California.

Hey, before we go, we may just go thru the offices at find out if there are some other witty sayings that drive our team nuts, that we can debunk.  Works for me -- We'll be back on Thursday with (hopefully) still another saying that needs debunking.  Take care, and have a good week, we'll see you then!

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