Monday, October 21, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: Round Four of "SkyVue" and the "High Roller" With A Cameo From None Other Than The SkyVue Mascot - It's "Tiny The Tumbleweed!"

I'm getting one of those "funny feelings" about SkyVue. Call it an "Aces Casino Vibe."

Well, as promised, here are the latest editions of the battle for supremacy in the skies above Las Vegas, starring the High Roller (Who is WAY ahead at this point) and SkyVue, who appears to be attempting to draw attention away from the lack of progress of actual construction of their wheel which sits across the street from the Mandalay Bay Hotel by debuting a new spokesman for the SkyVue wheel... None other than "Tiny The Tumbleweed."

First, our fave, the High Roller....

The High Roller keeps progressing nicely.

And now, courtesy of Scott Roeben and the incredibly creative minds over at Vital Vegas, here is SkyVue's latest video edition, Tiny The Tumbleweed.

Absolutely hilarious.  Click on the image above to see"Tiny's" video.

'Nuff said. Oh, by the way, the saga of Tiny The Tumbleweed continues ... Sort of.  Vital Vegas is now reporting that the lil' feller is now a member of the recently departed. 

Sort of.

Click on the image below to get "the rest of the story," courtesy of the September issue of Vital Vegas.... I'm tellin' ya, Scott Roeben is a genius... Too funny... "SkyVue denies mascot found dead at construction site..."  And the saga continues...

Yep, that's him, officer.  (Click on the pic to read the story...)

I'm getting the feeling that the Jags will go to the Super Bowl before we see this tumbleweed again...

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