Monday, September 30, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: "Wheel-Watch Update:" Round Three Between "SkyVue" and "The High Roller!!" (Hint: If This Was a Fight, The Referee Would Stop It)

OK, my Aces Casino "Wheel-A-Holics!"  We've received numerous requests to update our favorite ongoing saga between the two observation wheels currently under construction out in Las Vegas.  And, you KNOW that we read all of our e-mails every day (Ed. Note: all two of them).  So, let's get right to it...First, Caesars monster project at the Linq called "The High Roller..."

I am PROUD to announce that we have 50% spoke-age.

Wow...Things are progressing swimmingly.  The wheel portion is 100% in place, and the inner spokes are over fifty percent completed.... Looks like we're right on track to try to take a spin on the "High Roller" by late 2013.  Oh, for those of you that enjoy video updates, here's one from the construction site of the High Roller....

This is going to be SO cool....Can't wait.

OK, that's one down, and one to go...Next up, SkyVue.... Now, remember, they're having some trouble with the construction.... Let's cut 'em a break...

 (Jeff Goldblum) "Um, you WILL eventually have DINOSAURS on your dinosaur ride, right?"  (Translation -- Where's the flippin' WHEEL?)

OK, OK, I know it looks like there's not much in the way of progress being made on the surface of this site, but we've heard from a very reliable source that SkyVue is waiting for some very important parts to be delivered from off-site plants that span the globe, in order for construction to resume.  Now, I know what you're thinking -- WHAT source, Aces?  Well, only the best source we could find.  The spokesperson for the SkyVue project, my friends....

None other than "Tiny, the Tumbleweed."

 I kid you not.  Tiny exists.

There's a CLASSIC video that features Tiny the Tumbleweed on our fave site for all things Vegas (and all things goofy) at  Check it out on the link to YouTube, you'll fall over laughing, I assure you.  YouTube isn't releasing the link for this vid itself as of yet... Once they do, we'll replace this tumbleweed artwork with the YouTube link, I promise you.  It's just too funny.

So much for the "Vegas Space Race."  We'll be back on Thursday with more Aces Casino propaganda.  See you then!

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