Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: We USED To Place Signs On Our Tables That Would Assist Our Guests, But That Never Seemed To Work Out Too Well (And We Know Why!)

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment, we like to consider ourselves as a "full-service" Orange County casino party company.  We've always gone "the extra mile" in order to provide all of our clients with the utmost in Las Vegas night casino party action.

Case in point: At Aces Casino, we're one of the few casino party companies that use full-sized, casino quality Roulette tables AND 32", $7000 Roulette wheels at EVERY casino event we're a part of.   Here, check out this vid shot over at Downtown Disney earlier this year...

Pretty Cool Wheel, Isn't it?

Now, if you look closely at the beginning of that video clip, you'll spot one of the signs that we've created for all of our Roulette players.  Now, because Aces Casino uses full-sized equipment when it comes to the Roulette tables, we ALSO play the game just like Its' gorgeous counterpart in Las Vegas - With chips especially made just for the Roulette table, and ONLY for the Roulette table.  We do this so we can correctly pay out winning Roulette plays on the table, by doling out the proper chips to the winning players, using the color of chip that only THAT player has been assigned.

Now, because the Roulette chips (as a result of how the game is played versus all the other games that use normal chips) use these specialized chips, those same chips are not meant to be used at any other gaming table in our faux-casino.  Hence, the sign, telling players to please leave these special chips AT THE TABLE, when they're done playing Roulette.

Yeah, ask us how that lil' sign thingy worked out.  Here, we'll answer it THIS way...

"Not Too Good...."

Now, the GOOD news in all this is the fact that we DO always get the special chips back from the players when they proceed to the redemption area to get their raffle tickets, but by THEN, the event is over and the Roulette players that needed those chips earlier in the night found them to be unavailable.  Bottom line: The sign didn't work, the people wandered off with them, anyway.  (Ed. Note: No Big.  We got the chips back, just give the guests their tickets, and quit whining.....Grin)

So, we got to thinking....(We do that here at Aces Casino, we promise) .... Are there OTHER signs prominently placed here and there for people to read and follow that go totally unnoticed by the masses that the signs are intended for?  FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK..... Our Friend over at Vital Vegas, Mr. Scott Roeben, looks like he was pondering that very same question... Here are a few candid shots that make us feel a little better about our ignored Roulette sign....

Maybe the sign was too high...

Yeah, that's a ticket-able offense. 

My horses are prohibited from the winner's circle.

Seriously - Why does this sign exist?

Well, now that THAT'S done, we feel SO much better.  You see?  People ignore signs all the time, tell the Roulette dealers that they need not worry.  Oh, and thanks to all of our faithful readers that decided to stick with us through our short psychiatric session.  We'll make some new signs over here at Aces Casino, your favorite Orange county casino night party company, and get them out on our tables as soon as possible.  We'll be back on Thursday with some more totally meaningless thoughts about nothing (a Seinfeld tradition, no less), so have a good week, and we'll see you then!

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