Monday, September 2, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: Ahh, Yes, It's September, Which Means That We're Back To Posting Twice A week ...... That IS Right, Isn't It? No More "Daily Show," Right??

I NEVER thought that August would end.  Big deal, gotta be posting daily, Schmaily.  Glad THAT'S over.  (Ed. Note: Don't let him fool you, he did it for the money.)  So, what's the first thing that Aces Casino should post here, remembering all the while that we're the top Orange county casino party company on the west coast, and also not forgetting that Aces Casino also is the best second job in the world, and all of us LOVE working here, because it Isn't work?

That's easy.  Today's Labor Day.  We're off today.  No el-work-o.

That's right, I wrote this YESTERDAY.  So, that's all for the Aces Casino Blog for today.  We'll see you back here on Thursday, when we're OPEN, for another installment of the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge."  See you on Thursday!

OK, yeah, you got me, I'd never do that without leaving a lil' tidbit on the "blog" to tide our readers over until then... How about this -- We'll give you a choice between Tom Dwan v. Barry Greenstein in a fantastic hand on "High Stakes Poker," or a cat pretending to be a machine gun?  (Ed. Note: Phh, you KNOW, hes putting on both.)  OK, you asked for it...

Tom Dwan is our hero.  Cameo by Texas Dolly.. THIS is poker, friends.

Freeze, or so help me, I'll purr...

OK, that's it for Labor Day Monday (kinda) here at Aces Casino, the Orange county casino night party company leaders since 1994.  Don't drink and drive, enjoy the holiday, and we'll see you later....

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