Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Aces Casino Blog: Part One Of Our "Best Of The WSOP" Series -- Well, You CAN'T Have a "Best Of" Series And NOT Have The Poker Brat, Phil Hellmuth

I can't believe that we haven't done this before now.

You mean to tell me that Aces Casino and their blog, which has been up and running for four years now, and with ties to both the WPT, the PPA AND the WSOP, has NEVER done a poker players' "Best Of" column for this blog?   Unbelievable.  Well, what better time could there be but now, when the best Orange County casino party company in SoCal is looking for blog-fill time for their infamous parakeet paper for our "31 Posts in 31 Days" madness?

Consider it done, my friends.

This particular subject fits right into the Aces Casino Blog wheelhouse.  For those that don't know the Aces Casino history, our team of dealers has an extensive history when it comes to the World Series Of Poker, with players and dealers going all the way back into the 1980's, with one WSOP bracelet to our crew's credit.  We also have various cashes in the WPT "Legends Of Poker" tournament series that takes place over at the Bicycle club annually.  Bottom line: Aces Casino LOVES us some poker.

So, to that end, since EVERYBODY here in the offices of Aces Casino has their favorite players, bad beats, and funny moments that have taken place at the WSOP, why not do, say, a five-part series on the "Best Of The WSOP?"  Yes, we thought it was a good idea, too, so, let's start the ball rolling with one of the Aces Casino "consensus favorites" around here -- None other than the "Poker Brat" himself, Mr. Phil Hellmuth.

Here, by popular demand, is a highlight reel of the "Best of Phil Hellmuth."  Enjoy...

 A picture like this is worth 1000 words...

What a fabulous start to what looks like a GREAT five-part WSOP extravaganza.  Tomorrow, as we rool on with our infamous "31 posts in 31 days" blog-a-thon, we switch to another WSOP favorite around this place that's known as the best Orange county casino night party company on the west coast -- The King of Reading your Soul, Mr. Daniel Negreanu.  See you tomorrow with the man that reads minds!

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