Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aces Casino Blog "YouTube" Instant Hit: Here's Proof Positive That The Children Of Today Are Already In Training To Become The Soccer Players Of Tomorrow

It's "Day 6" of the so-called self-imposed "31 Aces Casino Blog Posts in 31 Days" marathon, and at this point, the staff here at the best Orange County casino party company in the business, bar none, has a short, but meaningful speech to make crystal clear when it comes to this point in our August "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" exhibition we've taken on....

Thank goodness for YouTube. 

Seriously.  If YouTube didn't exist, the Aces Casino Blog would have been out of goofy, irreverent, truly entertaining material that is loosely based on our original casino gaming concept YEARS ago.  We'll have to send them a note someday, as soon as we figure out our e-mail system.  (Ed. Note: Don't Ask.)

When our crew was sitting around in the break room the other day, a discussion broke out involving what the crew here at Aces Casino Entertainment loved about professional and collegiate sports; You know, stuff like the constant barrage of home run-robbing moments supplied by the Angels' Mike Trout, who almost leaps OVER outfield walls to pull in would-be dingers.... Things like last-second buzzer-beaters, overtime games in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the week that is the NFL's crown jewel, the Super Bowl...

Then, as it usually happens, the discussion turned to things the crew HATED in sports.  And, like a lightning bolt from above, one topic came immediately to the forefront -- Cheating the system.  And, after a few more minutes of taking an instant poll on the situations the crew disliked most, the voting was unanimous...

When Soccer players fake injuries in games.

You'll be sitting and watching a soccer game in the MLS, CONCACAF, the World Cup, what-have-you, when a player that's dribbling the ball down the pitch under some tough defense suddenly drops to the ground like he was shot at by snipers.  He may have been clipped slightly, and sometimes, not touched at all, but some players make it seem that they were clubbed by a bat, in some intense pain.  It looks so bad for said player that some assistance from the sidelines comes out to help the fallen warrior, and in some instances, taking the player off of the field on a stretcher.

Then, when the referee comes over and issues some sort of yellow card / red card penalty that the opposition didn't even deserve for the phantom foul, the previously-injured player suddenly hops up off of the stretcher, and begs to be put back into the game.

Surprisingly, we found a montage clip on YouTube that touched upon this very subject....

Exhibit A.  You can find ANYTHING on YouTube.

So, of course, we got to wondering out loud (Ed Note: these guys ALWAYS do things 'out loud.'), is there some sort of special school that these world-class 'footballers' attend that teaches them the fine art of flopping.?  And, after months of searching the internet for the answer to our question, we finally discovered the source for how this art of diving is perfected. 

Exhibit B.  Oh, OK, yeah, we should have known.

After all this research, it turns out that this talent is taught literally from birth....Go figure.

That's all for Day 6 of our Blog-A-Thon...To no one's surprise, the top Orange county casino night party company on the west cast WILL return tomorrow with another scintillating Aces Casino blog post worthy of the 2013 "parakeet paper" award.  See you tomorrow!

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