Sunday, August 4, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: You Just CAN'T Have a "Shipping Wars" Tribute Without Touching On The "King Of The Oh-Crap Moment," Jarrett Joyce (Ya Gotta Love Him)

One thing instantly came to mind when the Aces Casino crew decided to highlight our love for A&E's hit-TV reality show, "Shipping Wars," as part of our "31 Aces Casino Blog Posts in 31 Days" promotion...

"You HAVE to use the MONKEY episode!"

I couldn't agree more, my friends.  Let it never be said that the top Orange county casino party company on the west coast doesn't know hilarious when we see it, and the episode from this year involving our favorite goof-up artist on the show, Jarrett Joyce, and his band of Capuchin monkeys that, shall we say, "got loose," is and will always be a "Shipping Wars Instant Classic."

One problem, though.  We can't find it.  Not on YouTube, not ANYWHERE that we can find, as of this publishing date.

I can't believe it... This MUST just be an oversight on A&E's part, so when they finally get around to POSTING that video classic online somewhere, we'll be sure to post the link back to this "article."  So, without the Ace in our deck of Jarrett Joyce videos, we'll move on to something that bets fits the description of the shipper that IS Jarrett Joyce.

Believe me - Nothing sums up Jarrett Joyce's "style" more than this back-up clip from Shipping Wars, aptly titled, "Jarrett's Measurements Are Wrong."  Interesting side note: The $250 Crape Myrtle Bush mentioned in this clip didn't survive Jarrett's wrath, either, but that's a story for another time.  (Yeah, he broke it, but we can't find THAT footage, either.)

So much for the new and improved Jarrett.

That's all for this episode of the Aces Casino Blog for today.... One more "Shipping Wars Tribute" to go, and that tip-o-the-cap goes to the "dynamic duo" of Chris and Robbie, a twosome that is quickly becoming one of our favorite shipping tandems.  (It's gonna be tough to out-do Roy, though.) 

Hey, before we go - Remember, the holiday season is coming up fast, my friends....And, to that end, those of you that are looking for Christmas Holiday entertainment this December, look no further than the top Orange county casino night party company on the west coast - Aces Casino Entertainment!  Give us a call, you won't believe how inexpensive a GREAT holiday casino event can be!  

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