Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: We Thought That It Was Really Nice Of People To Comment Favorably About Our Blog - Until We Found Out They Had a Hidden Agenda

You know that your blog is getting popular by tracking two important areas of I.T., or "Information Technology" -- One is tracking the actual number of hits that you get in any one time period (day, week or month), and two, by tracking how many people place comments on your blog.

Now, believe me, we LOVE the attention that this parakeet paper of a blog has brought us.

Well, maybe not ALL of the attention....

It seems that the big boss of the Orange county casino party giant that IS Aces Casino Entertainment had to take the time to let the blog staff know that, hmmm, now how did he put it?  "Not all the attention the blog is receiving is good."  Wait, we thought... We thought that's what you WANTED.  Not so, we'd soon find out.

Well, as we found out, it seems that there are some people whose sole purpose in life is to find any way necessary on this fantastic thing called the internet to attach a comment to a blog like this one after reading it.  Unfortunately, these people don't leave these comments to say "great job" or "you stink."  That, we can handle, although I don't personally STINK, I don't think.  (Ed. Note: See me after class.)  Oh no, my friends... What THESE people are doing is leaving some generic, meaningless comment to the blog that doesn't even refer to the blog that we did, and THEN, they leave a link to THEIR own blog for people to click on.

Well, so what, we thought?  There's no harm in THAT, is there?

Depends on your definition of harm.  Here's your PC, after clicking on their link.

Unfortunately, there are some people out there that feel that their sole purpose in life is to attach viruses, pornographic video and photographs, and other truly awful things to your computer system after clicking on one of their poisonous links.  The worst ones of all are the links to often illegal gambling sites, sites that suck out every bit of personal information that your computer tries to keep hidden from these leeches, and drain your bank accounts.

Here are a few examples of these seemingly harmless, meaningless comments.... The following snippets were submitted to us as little comments by some of these unscrupulous hackers, trying to spread their filth on the internet through our blog site.  We get at least one of these EVERY DAY here at Aces Casino.  They're immediately deleted, and if these people persist in trying to ruin somebody else's computer, we're going to take them to the authorities...

"Casino games provided, promotions, entertainment, winners and players club information."  (This link would take viewers to a nasty virus that had a skull / crossbones logo that would laugh at you.)

"Card games are my all time favorite game.Last night i was searching in google for any new game and i got the game that was simply amazing. The game is "(Name Blacked Out)" and its website is http:/ (Link Blacked Out). Try this, game lovers and i am sure you'll love this"  (This link would connect people to gaming software that could NOT be deleted from your personal computer.  Once infected, the company would charge you $300 to remove it from your PC, and not even remove it fully.  Theyt'd then charge another $100/month to monitor your PC.)

"You made some clear points there. I did a search on the subject and found most people will go along with with your site."  (Yes, the typo was theirs.  These people added a link to a wedding site in California, with more malware downloaded onto your machine without your permission.)

Wow.  Just.  Wow.

I suppose the moral of the story is, our links at are virus-free, as well as advertising-free.  We don't ask you to link to other sites we don't control.  We don't belong to anything that pays us for clicks on our site.  All propaganda that you see on our site promotes Aces Casino, and Aces Casino alone.

Yes, we ARE here for advertising OUR company, but truly only because we do a great job entertaining our many clients here in Southern California.  But, as always, to be perfectly honest with you, this blog's sole purpose is to hopefully make you smile at some point during your day.  Here's proof of that...

Free-throw shooting monkeys.  For your entertainment.

"How can you argue with that?"  Oh, and, please don't hold it against us, but rare is the time that a comment will show up on our Aces Casino Blog.  If one of your comments appears on our blog site, you'll know that you're special, and that you've been thoroughly cleansed by the crew here at Aces Casino, the Orange county casino night party leader.

Wait, that didn't come out right.....

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