Saturday, August 31, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: We Couldn't Decide Whether To Use The Video of the Dog That Bowls or The Hamster That Plays Dead - So We're Going to Use BOTH!

If you ask the staff over here at Aces Casino Entertainment just what their favorite Aces "slogan" is, I'd wager a guess that the answer would be of of the following two lil' ditties -- Either A) "This Beats Working," or B) "You Learn Something New Every Day."  They're both true, you know, especially the part of our job not being "working."  However, when it comes to the blog created by the masterminds here at the top Orange County casino party company on the west coast, the latter slogan rings SO true at this point of the year.

What THAT means is, "you DO learn something new every day" around here.  What I learned last month was to keep my mouth shut when the bosses ask, "What would be the worst job to be assigned to, here?"  To which I answered with a snark in my voice, "writing submissions every day for the Aces Casino Blog."

Boy, was THAT dumb.  Hence, guess who got the job of writing for the blog EVERY DAY in the month of August?  Yep, ol' snarky, himself.  The gauntlet was thrown down, The challenge was issued... "Bet you can't do 31 blog posts in 31 days," was the prevailing opinion of the masses at Aces Casino...

We now have a third catchy slogan around here.  "Don't tell Aces He Can't Do Something."

And with that, all I can say is....

Friends, we're goin' out with a bang!

We DID it!  (Ed. Note: Not yet, you didn't!  This post Isn't finished yet!)  31 Blog Posts in 31 Days!  Today's goofy entry into the Aces Casino Blog, A.K.A. the "parakeet paper," marks officially the 31st post for the month of August, a month that the blog would only see 3 or 4 posts, because of it getting so busy around here.  But... The deed is done.  Our thanks to all of the staff members who kicked in with some great ideas on what to post on the blog, and then running like mad, hoping to not get roped in to actually writing it.

So...Let's officially finish our 31 August post with an entry that we'll call, "The YouTube Posts That Didn't Make the Cut for Earlier Postings for the Aces Blog 31-Day Challenge."  We've got four or five that I thought were golden, but just didn't fit anywhere... Until now... Enjoy...

First off, let's put up the dog that bowls.  We got this idea from Cathy...

 A dog that averages 190.  And no, that's not a foul.

Next up, a hamster that can act better than Ashton Kutcher.  Hey, we just put 'em up on the blog, you be the judge.  I think It's a given, personally....

"They GOT me!"

Let's see....What next... Oh,let's not forget about the penguin that can play ping-pong.

Must be a Chinese penguin.

Whew, yeah, we got'cha.  It's a beer commercial.  That was pretty good, though.  OK, back to the list.... Oh, we have a dog that plays the piano, accompanied by her handler, Mr. Hands...

Wait for the exit.  When you're done, you're done.
In our search for only the best vids here at the Blog, we found this one that had over 28 million hits, and I can see why.... When this dog does something bad, you KNOW he's guilty.  It's written all over his face...

Tell me that's not a guilty face.  Priceless.

And that's all for our "31 Blog Posts in 31 Days" marathon, friends....

We've got a chicken that plays tic-tac-toe!

I never did like this game, but I LOVE McNuggets, you cheater.
Next up, this wild goose.  This actually happened to me on my honeymoon.  No wise cracks. 

 Pretty funny, when It's someone else.

And, last but not least, a duck that plays fetch.   Seriously.

 One day, we predict this animal will turn on It's owner...
OK, NOW we're done for the month of August.  We hope you've enjoyed our blog romp this month, which was FULLY FUNDED by Aces Casino Entertainment, the top Orange County casino night party crew in the business.  I actually get a couple of days off... Then, it starts all over again with our usual twice-weekly posts, beginning on September 2.  We'll see you Monday!

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