Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aces Casino Blog Update: "High Roller" v. "SkyVue" -- The Latest Dirt on the Las Vegas "2013 Space Race"

I don't know why we're following this story so closely -- I personally get queasy when I ride even the tamest of Ferris wheels -- But here we are, The Aces Casino Blog, your roving reporters, returning to the scene of the crime, and checking out the progress of two different "observation wheel" projects in Las Vegas -- Caesars' Entertainment's "High Roller," and "SkyVue," the competing super-wheel going up down the street, across from the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.  (Ed. Note: You can see the previous report on these two spinning behemoths by following this link.)

First, the Challenger.... "SkyVue."  (This one is the challenger, because it was lagging behind the other observation wheel when we last checked in.  Hey, we're the top Orange county casino party company in SoCal, we HAVE to be fair.)

Now, we checked out their official "SkyVue WebCam," and Here's what we got back on June 17...

Shouldn't the crane face the other way?  Nice palm trees, though.  Can I ride in those?

Now, HERE is what we got, about 15 minutes ago.....

Ooh, nice wood platform ya got there.

Overall Aces Blog Grade -- D+ .  It took two months to build that platform span?  Who's building this thing, the same guys that built my home's facade that took 6 months?  It still looks like it could be used for bungee jumping.  Not a good thing.

Now, let's move to the current leader, the Linq's "High Roller."  Here's what we got from their construction site two months ago.....

Vegas had the world's largest "Capital Letter A."

And now, HERE is what we have today, thanks to the man behind "Vital Vegas," our partner in kooky yet memorable blog posts, Mr. Scott Roeben.......Nice pic, Scott.... Wish I was there.

If this was a boxing match, the ref would have stopped it by now.

Put the gondolas on, and let's ROLL!  Scott Roeben with another helpful push in our quest to answer the question, "Whose wheel is going to be finished first?"  FWIW, The Caesars Entertainment Group still speculates that the "High Roller" will be up and spinning in "Late 2013."  After seeing the progress the construction crew is making, I wouldn't doubt it.  (It's gonna happen.)

Overall Aces Blog Grade -- A- .  We've got wheel, but we're waiting to see gondolas, or whatever they're calling their "transport pods."  Things are looking up.  (Ed. Note: I'm sure the pun is intended.)

OK, that's all for today.... Wow, just six more days and we'll have completed the goal of "31 Posts in 31 Days," thanks to your friends at Aces Casino Entertainment, the top Orange county casino night party company (and observation wheel reporters) on the West Coast.  We'll see you tomorrow!

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