Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: Two Words That Scare The Life Out Of Many a Poker Player In The WSOP -- Phil Ivey

If you're going to profile the top acts in the WSOP on your parakeet paper-blog, at some point, your writers from the top Orange county casino party company on the West Coast (Ed. Note: Aces Casino Entertainment, that is) are going to get around to the man that is considered by many in the poker industry as the best poker player in the WORLD....

Phil Ivey.

To that end, we here at the Aces Casino Blog will gladly acquiesce to the king of tournament and cash game poker here in part four of our five-part look at the "Best of the WSOP."  Check out this 11-minute documentary on Phil Ivey, and his "4-day craps tour."  Enjoy...

One of the Greatest Players in the WORLD.

Ahh, the trials and tribulations of YouTube....Unfortunately, we couldn't get all of the 11 minutes of footage of that Ivey documentary on one clip... Following this wordy apology, here are the last 30 seconds of the special...

Short, but sweet.  30 seconds more to close things out on Phil Ivey. 

That's all for today, blog fans.  Tomorrow, we'll post our last part of the five-part look at the "Best of the WSOP."  The "31 posts in 31 days" marathon continues... We'll see you tomorrow, with the "Flushy Awards!!

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