Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: Top 3 Video Clips That Will Make You Think Of The 1960's (Hopefully, It's a Good Thing)

When Aces Casino Entertainment took on this task of attempting to create 31 Aces Casino Blog Posts across 31 Days, our minds began to wander back to a time long ago, when your boss wouldn't ASK you to come up with all of this parakeet-paper drivel... Back before computers, before blogs, heck, before Aces Casino Entertainment, the top Orange county casino party company on the west coast, was even BORN.

Boy, those were the days.  (Ed. Note: Yeah, before you had a JOB.)

So, we thought to ourselves, what things back in the 1960's (Ed. Note: that were PG-enough to post here in the first place) did we think about when we thought about the "good old days."  Naturally, we thought about three things - Drive-in's, 60's game shows, and goofy TV commercials, of course.

So, to that end, we scoured the internet for some of our favorite reminders of those days gone by.  First up, the "drive-in," where you could just pack up the gang in the car, and drive on over to the nearest drive-in theater and check out the latest flicks, all in the comfort of your own car , truck or van.  

Now, the thing that I remembered most about the drive-in was that when the screen first came to life at the drive-in, it showed this goofy little commercial about the snack bar, "conveniently located" somewhere in the middle of the premises.  Do you remember seeing THIS lil' ditty on the screen, my friends?

"Let's All Go To The Lobby, and Get Ourselves a Treat.."

Now, for ME, the ultimate 60's game show was "The Dating Game."  I dreamed of getting on THAT show, and meeting some Farrah Fawcett look-alike..... (Yeah, not happening...)

"And Heeeerre, They Are..."

Now, the 60's TV commercials were the BEST, when it came to campy propaganda.  Here's a clip from a 1960's McDonalds commercial that begs the question, "Just HOW did this fast-food business survive it's marketing campaign?"

Wow.  Just.  Wow.

That's all for the first week of "Blog-A-Thon 2013," my friends.  Just three more weeks to go, and we promise we'll be back tomorrow and try to do better.  (Ed. McNote: You'd best try harder, and It's three-and-a-half weeks, not 3.)

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