Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: Today, We Close Out Our ESPN "Best Of WSOP" Series With The Most Memorable Moments From The WSOP Main Event -- The Flushies!

Ahh, we're sorry to see it go...

We can tell by the calendar on the wall that's It's time for Aces Casino Entertainment and their Aces Casino Blog crew to wrap up our five-part series on "Best Of The WSOP."  Today, your top Orange County casino party company champions, once ordained by the Orange County Register as "professionally irreverent," (Ed. Note: A moniker that we wear with pride) have saved the best for last on the A. C. Blog -

We've got THREE annual editions of the ESPN / WSOP "Flushy" Awards!

I tell ya...Do we know how to close out a Blog series, or what?  Now, anyone that has religiously watched the WSOP on ESPN like we have the last ten years MUST remember the Flushy Awards, hosted by Norman Chad.  "The Nuts" was one of our favorite parts of the broadcasts, so, without further adieu, here, in consecutive order, are the "Flushy Awards," from 2005, 2006, and 2007.  Enjoy.. First up (Ed. Note: Duh!), the 2005 Flushies! (Is that a word?)

The 2005 Flushy Awards!

Next up, 2006, with a cameo of Humberto Brenes as "The Shark..."

The 2006 Flushies.....

And finally, the 2007 Flushies, with a cast of hundreds (and Hellmuth's spin-out...Amazing!) ... 

Closing out the 5-part series with a flush...Um, wait, that didn't come out right...

Well, It's "Adios" to the WSOP tribute, and on with the "31 posts in 31 days" blog-a-thon... I'm actually thinking we're going to pull this off..... Unfortunately, at press time, I have no idea what we'll be featuring tomorrow, but we can promise you one thing -- It'll be worth the price of admission.  (Ed. Note:  Yeah, $0.00.)  Stay tuned, and find out if we've run out of material....(Not.)  We'll see you on Thursday!

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