Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: Just Five More Days, And We're DONE With This Stupid Blog Marathon... But Until Then, Let's Talk About Your Fantasy Football Draft

Add one more thing to the list of things we LOVE here at Aces Casino Entertainment -- New Casino Games, Incredible casino parties, and FANTASY FOOTBALL, baby.  (Ed. Note: Oh, NOOO.)  Oh YES, Mister Editor, It's time once again to stray from the usual discussions of all things casino party (Ed. Note: Yeah, like you guys NEVER do THAT), and talk about the 2013 Dunn-Edwards Fantasy Football Draft, which is the league that yours truly and a few of my closest friends belongs to.

First, let's talk about the good news, and the bad news..... The GOOD news?  The Aces Casino / Full Tilt Poker franchise in the DFFL went to their FIFTH straight DFFL Super Bowl in 2012.  The BAD news?  For the first time in four years, Full Tilt Poker LOST in the title game, when Arian Foster developed heart palpitations, and left his game in Week 16 of play.  BOOM.  We lost by nine points.  Crap... Oh, well -- Time to pick ourselves off the floor, and get back on the horse.

To that end, let's create a few of our favorite topics that interest us in this 2013 DFFL Draft.... We'll call it "5 Lists of 5."  This'll serve at least two purposes -- One, we'll help out a few readers (6?) that are prepping for their upcoming draft, and two, we'll be one day closer to finishing up this mind-boggling "31 Blog Posts in 31 Days" Aces Casino Blog-a-Thon.  Hallelujah.  OK, sharpen your pencils, let's talk Fantasy Football Draft...

The Aces Casino Blog / DFFL "5 Lists Of 5"

List One -- Five NFL Players Ready to have breakout fantasy years in 2013

#1 -- Calvin Johnson, Lions.  Yeah, I know, he's a top-2 WR in drafts.  Believe me, this year, he'll EXPLODE.  Was tackled at the one-yard-line FIVE times last year.  Not this year, he's a rare first-round gem.  Do yourself a favor, do NOT wait.

#2 -- Rob Housler, Cardinals.  He LOOKS like Gronk, and he's now got a QB that threw to Brandon Myers 105 times last year.  He's my top sleeper at TE.

 Look, he's open!  We love us some Housler.

#3 -- Le'Veon Bell, Steelers.   Not quite this year's Doug Martin, but he'll make noise in Pittsburgh.  He's the bell cow, a solid #2 fantasy RB.

#4 -- Stevan Ridley, Patriots.  The Pats' LOVE to run the football, and this guy's READY.  Not much in PPR leagues, but for a 12-team standard, you'll be glad you got him in Round 2.

#5 -- Antonio Brown, Steelers.  No, I'm not a Steeler fan, but I love me some playas that are ready to put up numbers, and this guy is going to SHINE in 2013.  Ask what Brown can do for you.  A LOT. 

List Two -- Five Players that won't be on MY team after I draft

#1 -- Darren McFadden, RaiDUHs.  Has never showed me a thing except his ability to stretch a sprained ankle into a ten-week IR problem.  That, and he's on the Raiders, a team that looks like it has ZERO talent on their roster.  "Run DmC" fits right in.

Sigh... Never more.

#2 -- Vernon Davis, 49ers.  I traded Matt Ryan for this guy in the middle of last season, and he gave me NOTHING.  Picked up Greg Olsen off the waiver wire, and went to the DFFL Super Bowl for the 5th straight year.  Kapernick won't use him, even when he has nothing else.

#3 -- BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Bengals.  Yeah, I'm bitter.  He put up ONE point for me in last year's Super Bowl.  That, and Giovani Bernard is barking right up the Law Firm's tree.  Hello committee, hello goal-line work only, good-bye, BGE.  Pass.

#4 -- Jared Cook, Rams.  Every year, he has all this potential.  Every year, he puts up Vernon Davis-type numbers.  Don't believe it.  Maybe Bradford can find him, maybe not.

#5 -- Andre Johnson, Texans.  Suddenly lost his ability to separate from the DBs.  He's going too high in most drafts, I can't go there any longer.  Love his style, but I'm smelling a slowdown here.                                    

List Three --5 wide receivers going in the 15th round or later who could make you look really smart if you take a chance on them

#1 -- Kenbrell Tompkins, Patriots -- Beat out round-2 pick Aaron Dobson.

#2 -- Kendall Wright, Titans -- Check out some 2012 preseason action.  He's ready.

#3 -- Rueben Randle, Giants -- The door's open.  Will show what he's got if healthy.

#4 -- Cordarrelle Patterson, Vikings -- Rob Mielke will pick him early.  Mark my words.

#5 -- Alshon Jeffery, Bears -- He's comfortable, and will take some targets from Marshall.

List Four -- Five things I've read online that I do actually believe

#1 -- That Kenny Britt IS actually Healthy.  (Tennessean.com)

#2 -- That Jordan Cameron is going to be a stud in Norv's offense.  (Plain-Dealer)

#3 -- That Danny Woodhead is going to be a factor in the Chargers' RB committee.  (SDUT)

#4 -- That Alfred Morris will be a factor in the passing game.  (Redskins.com)

#5 -- That Mike Wallace might struggle in the Dolphins' passing game.  (Miami Herald)

List Five -- Five of the funniest team names I've seen drafting on ESPN

#1 -- Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe

#2 -- Addai late, Amendola short

#3 -- 1.21 J.J. Watts  (Love the Back to the Future zinger there)

#4 -- Martin Scorecrazy

#5 -- BaDonkAGronk

That's all for today, my friends.... We here at Aces Casino Entertainment wish ALL of our fantasy football buddies a solid and prosperous fantasy draft this week.  Enjoy it, and have fun.  Now, for all you "31 Posts in 31 Days" people, the top Orange county casino party company in SoCal comes back tomorrow with another gem .... We'll see you tomorrow!

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