Monday, August 26, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: It's Time To Come Clean -- We've Been Hooked On "Regular Show" For Some Time Now, And There's Just No Turning Back (We Hope)

OK, we admit it.... It's true.  The team here at Aces Casino (A.K.A. the top Orange County casino party company on the west coast) has a tendency to get seriously hooked on various types of media and games that entertain us, especially any and all forms of animated TV shows and motion pictures that involve 20-story behemoths (Ed. Note: They all went to see 'Pacific Rim' four times, if THAT tells you anything).

Yep, you get the picture -- If it involves a big monster, a huge explosion, or a hole in the ground (Ed. Note: Which 'Pacific Rim' had all 3, I might add),  we're there... Which brings us to our point of all this Aces Casino Blog fodder......

We've got a new "latest love" here at the Orange County casino night party kingpins....

Cartoon Network's "Regular Show."

Now, granted, once we found this gem-to-be on "C.N.," (Yeah, that's right, we're cool, we roll this way) we gave it our prompt attention and learned all the characters and their personalities in about two hours, during a "Regular Show" marathon.  (Lucky for us, one came on last Sunday, when we were all sitting around and veg-ging from the previous evening's casino night festivities.)

Now, right up front, Pixar Studios is in no danger of losing their Oscars to the Regular Show (The animation IS a bit on the average side), but it works, in this case.  The episodes run around 10-to-11 minutes each, which plays right into the hands of our card-carrying members of the "Short Attention Span Theater," and they're just downright FUNNY.

If you haven't seen it, well, you KNOW that we'd find an episode to break you in with the show.  **WARNING**  If you've got a sense of humor, and a love for the bizarre scriptwriting that is common-place with the show, you'll DIG "Regular Show."  Here's one of our fave episodes, aptly titled, "Family BBQ."

Not your everyday "Family BBQ."

Do yourself a fovor, my Aces Casino Blog buddies -- Set your DVR to record about 20 of these, and you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see all of them waiting for you in about a week or so.  You can thank us later by bringing us on board for your next Orange county casino party.  Heck, just mention "Regular Show" when you book with us, and we'll give you $50 off.

As Mordecai would so aptly put it..."THAT'S how WE roll.  YAY-UHH......"

Wow...26 down, and just FIVE more posts to go until we finish our August "31 Posts in 31 Days" Blog-A-Thon.  It's been kinda fun for all of us.... It's created this creativity bubble around the Blog desk, very cool...BUT.... We'd rather not do it again.  We'll be VERY content with returning to our normal "twice weekly" article format that returns in September.  But until that happens, we'll be right back here tomorrow with another parakeet paper-worthy blog post.  See you then!

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