Saturday, August 24, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: It Just Wouldn't Be Right If The A. C. Blog Didn't Take The Time To Show Our "YouTube Videos Of The Week" For The Month Of August!

I know what you're thinking, my friends of the Aces Casino Blog.... "Best of YouTube Videos for August?  Aces, there's no WAY that you can top that video of the free throw shooting monkey!"

Are you kidding me?  This is ACES CASINO we're talking about.  The top Orange county casino party company on the west coast, known for two distinct things -- Superior casino night parties in southern California, and an incredibly uncanny ability to find goofy news stories and crazy videos online to share with the masses (5?) loyal to the A. C. Blog.

Now, we gotta hand it to ya, the free throw-shooting monkey WAS awesome (Ed. Note: You'll find that video on our xx-xx-xxxx blog history), but we know that we can ALWAYS do better.  Yep, as usual, the crack-staff here at Aces Casino has done it again, my friends...  Here, for your enjoyment, are the staff's selections for the "YouTube Videos Of the Month for August!"

Video #1 -- "That's not MY idea of a Snake Charmer"

Unintentional hilarity on game shows is the best, bar none... Check out this snippet of video from a BBC-based game show called "Catch Phrase..."

Gives new meaning to the phrase, "here comes the bonus!"

Video #2 -- "Pick-'Em -- Big Guy v. Water Bottle

How many times have you gotten something off the shelf in your pantry, tried to open the jar or bottle, and it just won't budge?  Now, me, personally, there's no way I'm EVER handing whatever I'm trying to open tp someone else....Let's see how this one ends, courtesy of the MLB network.....You already know which one wins....

Dude.  PLEASE.

Video #3 -- YouTube "Epic Fails" -- August

Now, we just COULDN'T post another series of funny YouTube vids without including another "Fail" series, could we?  Check these newbies out, there are some real winners in this compilation...

From radio-controlled copters to dopey drivers, we got 'em all.

That's almost all for today, my friends.  Notice that we said ALMOST.  Let it never be said that Aces Casino Entertainment doesn't go the extra mile to satisfy our many (2?) readers of the A. C. Blog.  We're reaching into the Aces Casino "All-Time YouTube Video All-Stars" for this blast from the past, courtesy of the top Orange county casino party company in SoCal.  

Set-Up:  What happens when a Buffalo, N.Y. news video drew mixes up tapes in the control room?  Well, when tape and graphics of a feel-good moment regarding a once-paralyzed Bills' football player who is slowly recovering from his injuries gets mixed up with a wild courtroom fiasco involving some felon that looks to be unhappy about who's representing him in court with his legal troubles, hilarity is the result.

BONUS VIDEO: The Lord DOES work in mysterious ways....

16 seconds of pure comedy gold.  "It's a MIRACLE!"

OK, we promise, that's all for today.  Boy, does this Orange county casino night party company LOVE us some YouTube.  We're in the home stretch of our "31 Posts in 31 Days" marathon.  We're gonna make it, I'm almost sure of it, now.  Take care, and we'll see you tomorrow!

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