Friday, August 16, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: How Tough a Job Would It Be To Fool Ace Magicians Penn & Teller With One Of Your Own Card Tricks? Here's a Man That Did Just That

When you're a part of the entertainment industry like we are at Aces Casino Entertainment, you LOVE seeing and hearing about other entertainers and magicians that have honed their craft to a very high level.  Truly, that's what It's all about here at the top Orange county casino party company on the west coast -- Doing the best job in the industry, to fully entertain your clients. 

Yes, without question, after putting some 20 years into our Las Vegas Night casino party industry, Aces Casino Entertainment has made It's mark here in southern California when it comes to Casino parties.  But in the grand scheme of things, we're just one small facet in the area of entertainment.  Translation: We love ALL kinds of entertainment!  The crew here at Aces Casino loves it when we find out in our many pre-planning meetings with high-octane event coordinators that we'll be teaming up with some of the other top entertainment acts in SoCal, in order to put on a show that our client will not soon forget.

We've had the honor of working with some of the best entertainment acts in the world in these past two decades, but if you asked our casino party crew which act is our favorite, we'd probably select the dynamic duo from the Rio Suite Hotel in Las Vegas, the Kings of Magic, Penn & Teller.  About two years ago, we had the chance to meet these two entertainment icons, and watch one of their many shows up close and personal.  They really are true entertainers, andyou can tell that they really love their craft.  It comes out in every show they appear in.  They're two really great guys.

So, to that end, and realizing that we're only half-way through our August "31 posts in 31 days" marathon, we thought we'd pay tribute to the two men that have amazed us, entertained us, and thoroughly perplexed us these many years.  And what better way is there to do that, we determined, then to show a special YouTube clip that we found online that shows that even the great Penn & Teller themselves can be fooled?  We thought that this task would be impossible, but here's the proof -- Courtesy of a TV show from the BBC, aptly entitled, "Penn & Teller - Fool Us!"  Check it out, as United States Card Trick Champion Shawn Farquhar does the deed for all to see, including P & T....

 Magician Shawn Farquhar does what some thought impossible..

Out thanks to Shawn Farquhar and the legendary Penn & Teller for use of this video snippet.... Bottom line; We LOVE us some Penn & Teller, and we'll take any moment here in the Aces Casino Blog to show some of our faves in action, even if the tables are turned in the area of "Gotcha!" 

That's it for today... Saturday, the marathon continues..... Can it be done?  Will we run out of things to write about here in the Aces Parakeet Paper?  (Ed. Note: Don't bet on it.  They're getting paid extra to write this drivel.)  Trust me, we shall return, with nothing less than a five-part series on one of our fave subjects - The World Series of Poker!... We'll see you tomorrow!

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