Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: "The HandyMan" Takes His Turn as The Aces Blog Pays Tribute To A&E's Top-Notch Reality Show, "Shipping Wars" (Marathon Day 3 of 31)

(Deep breath) That's right, my friends... If you didn't realize it, the "31 Aces Casino Blog Posts in 31 Days" Marathon continues.... But there's good news!  The powers that be over at Aces Casino, the best Orange county casino party company on the west coast, has seen to it that our August effort won't be a lot of our usual parakeet paper-ready material.  (Ed. Note: The jury is still out on that, Blog-Boy.) 

We move to "Day 3" of our blog-a-thon with still another individual profile of one of the characters of the A&E reality TV show "Shipping Wars," one of the Aces Casino crew's fave TV indulgences.  And there's good news THERE, too -- Today, we profile our all-time favorite "character" on the show, none other than the perennially-irritated but always entertaining perfectionist, Roy Garber.

In this episode, Roy shows his experience in his chosen field, when he suspects that a client just may be fibbing to him "just a tad" about the total weight of what we'd classify as a "toy submarine"that needs a new home....

Yeah, Roy's gonna let THIS guy have it.

Kudos to Roy Garber for his being one of the reasons that we turn in to "Shipping Wars" in the first place.  A&E can't make these things fast enough for us, especially when HE'S involved.  

Day 3 of our Blog-A-Thon is now in the rear-view mirror... Tomorrow, as promised, the Aces Casino blog crew moves to who might be the most mistake-prone "nice guy-type" in the shipping industry - Jarrett Joyce, the "KING of the O-Crap Moment."  So, from all of us at Aces Casino Entertainment, the top Orange County casino night party crew in the southland, we say thanks for checking us out, and we'll see you back here tomorrow!

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