Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: From The "We Gotta Stop Taking Requests" Department - Time to Find The Location of The World's Biggest Pickle (Who ASKS For That?)

As the old saying goes... "Be careful what you ask for.  You might get it."

Yeah, pretty much.  As the "31 Blog Posts in 31 Days" caravan rolled on through the latter days of August, the staff here at Aces Casino Entertainment (Ed. Note: The Orange county casino party company leader, don'cha know...) thought it might be a good idea to take requests from our clients, and find out what was on their mind...

Boy, what a scary ride THAT was.

What we found out from our impromptu survey was simply this -- There are a lot of people that care about the wackiest things!  So, without further hesitation (and we've been hesitating about posting this survey for three days, now), here are the top 3 questions on the minds of the readers of the Aces Casino Blog this week......

#1 -- What is the record for the world's biggest pickle?

Definitely NOT a question my son would ever ask (he HATES pickles, likes going to Burger King, so he can tell them to hold the pickles), but here's the answer -- I gotta be thinkin' it's THIS one....

Here, son -- YOU hold the pickles.

And unfortunately, we cannot verify that this is a real pickle, although if I was carrying that monstrosity, I'd be hurtin'.  It looks pretty big to me.  We have a winner...

#2 -- Who was the voice of the female police dispatcher on the 1960's TV series, "Adam-12?

Sigh.... It's going to be a loooong day... (Grin)

But, behold, through the power of the internet, and having a few contacts in the radio, motion picture and TV industry, we found the right people to ask, and found out that the lady you hear sending officers Reed and Malloy out on calls was Sharron Claridge, an actual LAPD dispatcher from southern California.  She was  a real LAPD dispatcher who made extra money dispatching on "Adam-12". Her husband was a real LAPD officer.  Ms. Claridge was nominated for a "Seen but not Heard" TV Land Award, but she actually makes an uncredited appearance in the 1973 episode "Suspended."  She would be 65 years old. 

"1-Adam-12, 1-Adam-12, see the woman..." Finally.  Thank you, Sharron.

#3 -- What is the tallest building in Las Vegas?

Actually, I thought this one would be an easy one.  "WRONG."  Cost me lunch when I found out that the world's tallest "building" in Vegas would be the 815-foot-tall World Jewelry Center, in downtown Las Vegas.  That is...If they'd build it.  It ain't there, yet.  So, we move to the next tallest building, the Fountainbleu Hotel.  Only one problem -- It ain't finished yet, so it doesn't count.  So, by way of the official rules, the actual tallest building in Las Vegas is the Palazzo, located between the Venetian and the Wynn, on the strip.  It's 642 feet tall, 50 stories.

The Pickle looks bigger than The Palazzo.  Just sayin.'

OK, OK, I can see the "Inquiry" sign already lighting up on the tote board... "Hey, you forgot about the Stratosphere tower!"  Unfortunately, my friends, the Stratosphere "Observation Tower," who tops out at over 1,100 feet tall, does not qualify as a "building," since a portion of the tower is not habitable.  That caveat also kicks out the Fountainbleu (not habitable yet, because it ain't open).  We cross every "T," and dot every "I," baby.  Nuthin' gets by the staff at Aces Casino.  We ain't the top orange county casino night party company for nothing, baby.  (Omigosh, I'm starting to sound like Scotty Nguyen.)

That's all for now, pickle-lovers.  Three more days of this, and we're jumping off the Stratosphere Tower.   But first, we're back tomorrow with a better effort than today, we PROMISE.  With that in mind, we'll see you tomorrow.....

With no pickles.

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