Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: Don't look Now, But The 2013 Version of "The Rat Pack" Is Coming Back To The Theaters This November in a Film Called "Last Vegas"

The "Rat Pack is BACK."

Well, no, not THAT Rat Pack.  True, the team over here at Aces Casino Entertainment loves that old Rat Pack, and actually, there are more than a few warm bodies here at the top Orange county casino party company on the west coast that kinda liked the crew of the "Oceans 11-12-13" Films, also.

Well, no, not THAT "Rat Pack," either!  It surprisingly appears that we have a third entry into the Rat Pack Derby, namely the cast of a film scheduled to be released in the first week of November, 2013.   Try this motion picture recipe' on for size, my friends of the Aces Blog.... Start with a generous helping of Michael Douglas, stir in a bit of Kevin Kline, add a pinch of DeNiro, and top it all off with a little Morgan Freeman, and "Voila!"  You end up with a succulent dish called "Last Vegas," a film that begs the question.... What happens when a group of sixty-something friends decide to hop in their own virtual time machine, and re-live their old Vegas days?"

THIS happens.  Move over, Hangover 3.  Here comes "Last Vegas..."

I'm guessing that this trailer might be available in HD.   We never miss a thing here at Aces.

You know us..... Base your film in Las Vegas, add a few well-known names for the marquis, throw out the rules on Vegas etiquette whilst in town for a blow-out, and we're there.   Two things we never pass up in film -- Monster movies, and Las Vegas, baby..  This one fits that very slim billing to a "T," so here's my $10, show it to me.  (Ed. Note: Gawd, I hope it isn't awful...)

That's all for today's turn at the wheel... Yes, the "31 Posts in 31 Days" wagon moves on to another scintillating topic.  I wish I knew what it was.  Oh, NO, not WRITER'S BLOCK.  Not NOW, we're only 3 days from the finish..... Ahh, yes, but that's the best thing about writing the Aces Casino Blog for this Orange County casino night party giant -- We could post that vid of the free-throw-shooting monkeys again tomorrow, and get away with it.  

But NO... We're too close to the finish line now..... We're back tomorrow with something semi-relevant, even if we have to break out the "cat playing hockey" vid to fulfill the posting contract.....

Aww, heck -- Let's show that cat video RIGHT NOW....

"Save by Sadie!"  Next time I get the puck, I'm goin' top shelf.

We're out.  See you tomorrow with August post #30 -- the latest edition in our "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge" series -- Slot Machines?  We MUST be runnin' on empty.....Later!

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