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Aces Casino "Blast From The Past:" The Ultimate Casino Game Test - 10 Extremely Difficult Trivia Questions About The Game Called "21" - Blackjack!

(Ed. Note: Every year, many of our incredible clients here at Aces Casino Entertainment ask our Aces team  which event stands out in their mind as the best casino night event in the companies' 20-year history.  To that end, we thought we'd list our top 3 choices in this area.  Today, we continue with the #2 choice of the Aces Casino staff; "10 Tough Trivia Questions About Blackjack," originally posted here on February 11, 2011....Enjoy!)

Occasionally, we here at Aces Casino, the orange county casino party leaders, will overhear what we'd classify as a "spirited discussion" about some of the casino games that our play-for-fun casino team offers to the masses all across this great state of California, specifically, Southern California.  (Yes, we do service the los angeles casino party area as well.  VERY well, we might add.)

At a recent event in Anaheim, it seemed that the "topic of the day" was Blackjack, one of the staples of the casino gaming industry.  Boy, were the inaccuracies about the game of Blackjack flying around the room THAT night.... (grin)

Here at Aces Casino (the orange county casino night leader), we take pride in our ability to keep all of our many Blog-Readers as well as our many clients here in southern California mentally sharp and ready to do battle in the Vegas casinos.  So we thought, "what better way to do THAT than by testing our casino party flock from time to time?" Here, it doesn't COST you anything.  The price is right, so to speak....

Yeah, we thought it was a great idea, too. We already test the SoCal masses at our just-for-fun casino tables with live dealers; Why not add a written test to the "blog" mix? For the record, we'll be utilizing our Aces Casino Blog for all kinds of testing, reaching out to ALL of the casino games that you love to play. We just HAD to start with Blackjack, though. It's only fair.

For each of our "mid-term tests" that we'll propose over the coming weeks, the format will most likely remain the same; Ten questions, with all 10 questions dealing with the chosen game of the day, and all the questions being of the True/False variety. OK, if the orange county casino night Professor is ready, let's begin. (Ed. Note: all of the answers will appear at the end of the blog. No peeking.)

 Score well on our test, and pull up a seat right here.

OK, all you "expert Blackjack players:" The Professor is handing out the papers. Take one, and pass the rest back, please. It's time for all of you to take the Blackjack version of the "Aces Casino Mid-Term Gaming Test." Today's exercise deals with what most people consider the most popular game in Las Vegas -- 21, Blackjack.  Ready?  Begin.

Question 1. You should always hit a hand of 16 against a dealer's 10.

Question 2. A player that loses four hands in a row is due to win the next hand.

Question 3. It is not recommended to split 8's against a dealer's 10 or Ace.

Question 4. It doesn't matter which spot you sit down at when joining a game of Blackjack.

Question 5. You should always take even money when you have a blackjack and the dealer's up-card is an Ace. (2-point question.)

Question 6. Referring to a strategy card while playing at a Las Vegas casino Blackjack table is perfectly legal.

Question 7. A Blackjack player who is misplaying their hands will always cause the other players at the table to lose.

Question 8. The house edge against the player changes, depending on how many decks are used at the table.

Question 9. A Blackjack player that enters the game in the middle of a shoe will change the flow of the cards and ultimately alter the game in favor of the casino.

Question 10. When splitting Aces at the table, you are only allowed one up card per Ace.

OK, let's see how you did. I'm SURE that our students know their Blackjack. (Aren't we? Gee, I hope so....Grin)


Question 1. FALSE. Did we get you already? Yes, surprisingly, that IS false. Remember, some casinos in Las Vegas use what is called the "Surrender" play at the table, where you can surrender half of your bet before hitting or standing. If you have 16 and the dealer is showing a ten, "Basic Strategy" suggests the player "surrender."

Question 2. FALSE. The deck of cards has no idea how the previous hands were dealt or played. Therefore, there is no mathematical theory around that has EVER suggested that this could possibly be true. Nope, false.

Question 3. Sorry, that's FALSE, too. Basic Strategy suggests that you do just that -- Split 'em. Look it up. I ain't lyin', here.

Question 4. TRUE. I'm sure that some might think the 3rd-base position is where the experts should play, but your personal chances of winning have nothing to do with actual seat position. Math wins again.

Question 5. FALSE. People, you're giving the house back a significant edge if you take the "even money" bait. ALWAYS take the 3-to-2 odds in your favor. Remember, thirteen possible cards under the dealer's hand, and only 4 of them make Blackjack (10-J-Q-K). Take the 3-to-2, baby. Two points for getting this one right.

Question 6. TRUE. I know you've heard all of the card-counter stuff, but here's the straight dope; having a basic strategy card to assist in your play is not only legal, but a VERY good idea.

Question 7. FALSE. Who told you THAT lie? Believe me, you have to take all of the superstition out of your game, if you believe this one. Doesn't matter if you're playing with rocket scientists or Raider fans: Those other players do NOT change your odds of winning. Trust me.

Question 8. TRUE. The house edge DOES change when fewer decks are used. Check out this link to see how much the differences are between using one deck and using an eight-deck shoe.

Question 9. FALSE. The flow of the cards dealt out might change, but there's no way to predict if this helps or hurts the players. Think about it.

Question 10. TRUE. Las Vegas casinos only allow the one mandatory card on each Ace. I know, sometimes you wish you could hit again. Uh-uhh. Nope, no-can-do. Aces Casino wouldn't be doing it's orange county casino night job right, if we weren't trying to help out a lil' bit.

Well, how did you do? Hopefully, you all scored a perfect "11." Come back any time, we're always discussing your favorite games here at the Aces Casino Blog.  Have a favorite game that you'd like to see the Aces Casino team put through it's paces in testing form?  Drop us a line on the Aces Casino web site link attached to our blog, and let us know!  That's what we're here for - Fun and GAMES!  (And an occasional pop-quiz.)

And... Speaking of fun and games -- Tomorrow on the A. C. Blog, It's time to list our favorite new TV shows coming to the small screen, s we profile the 2013 "coming attractions" for our flat-screen break-room TV  We'll see you on the red carpet, tomorrow!

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