Monday, July 29, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: What Would YOU Do if it was You? Crazy Poker Tournament Situations Abound As We Play Our Favorite Game, "YOU Make The Call!"

The team over at Aces Casino Entertainment (A.K.A. the top Orange County casino party company on the West Coast) LOVES it when crazy situations arise in tournaments that we either see or take part in.  Then, like a bolt of lightning, it hit us - Why not report about these crazy events on our parakeet paper blog, the Aces Casino Blog?  Wow - What a great idea.  So, without further interruption, here's Volume 1 of (Ed. Note: Hopefully.) many editions of our brand new story line - "What Would YOU Do?"

I was playing in a NLHE tournament at a casino about 18 months ago. 70 players started the tournament and we were down to the final 3. There was about $1500 on offer for the winner, but I wasn't left with much of a shot, having just a single chip remaining after posting my big blind. The other two players had roughly the same amount as each other, i.e. 50% of the chips each. 

The action (DB = guy on the dealer button:  SB = Small Blind.  BB = Big Blind.)

The DB raised to 3xBB. The SB raised to around 7-8xBB. I folded. The DB re-raised all in and was quickly called by the SB. At this point I was pretty darn happy, more so when I found out the DB had KK, the SB had AA and also had the DB covered by a few chips, meaning an elimination was likely.

The flop came down K-A-7, then the turn came down. The CASE King, the last King in the deck, giving him QUADS. I was upset, but not as much as the SB. He stood up from the table and started yelling and swearing at the DB about how lucky he was, etc. The TD (Tournament Director) told him to calm down, at which point the guy grabbed the TD's shirt and started yelling at the TD.

Bad idea.

Security promptly arrived and roughly subdued the man and escorted him away from the table (and presumably out of the venue). The TD THEN ordered the hand be played out. The river card was revealed. It was an Ace. The TD ruled that the disqualified man won the hand and eliminated the other player and that therefore I was the only player remaining and the winner of the tournament. The DB was paid for 2nd place.

Rare footage of the fight scene in the poker room that fateful day.

OK... With that tip o' the cap to Mel Brooks out of the way, It's time for YOU to be the King of All Tournament Directors.
  1. Should the hand have been played out?
  2. Should I have been awarded the victory with the one chip?
  3. Should the DB have been paid for 2nd? He was eliminated by the SB, but the SB had been previously disqualified. Maybe he should technically have been paid for 3rd (although in this case given the circumstances, I don't think paying him for 2nd was unwarranted).
Of Course, the answers are "yes, yes and yes."  And with that, we close this edition of "What Would YOU Do," brought to you by the crazed minds of Aces Casino Entertainment, the Orange county casino party company that everyone on the west coast turns to for their casino night party needs.  We'll be back in August with some of our favorite parakeet paper blog topics - We'll see you then!

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