Monday, July 22, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: Welcome To Superstition Digest, Volume One - "No Wonder I Lost $500 Playing Craps Last Week. Those Dice Weren't Listening To Me!"

The offices of Aces Casino Entertainment, A.K.A. the top Orange county casino party company on the west coast, is FULL of people that this reporter would call, let's see, how to put it mildly, a little "unorthodox." When the Orange County Register once recognized our fine casino party crew on one hand as the best in the business, then defined our insanity team as being "professionally irreverent," we knew we had struck casino party gold.

Bottom line -- We get a LOT of our Aces Casino Blog material from this group of frustrated game show contestants we call employees, with this particular entry into Aces Blog history being one of their favorite topics.


I mean, we see people at our tables, playing for FAKE chips, mind you, going through all KINDS of rituals that they feel necessary. They do it because they need it to get that next big dice roll, that Ace they need for Blackjack at the tables, that magical Roulette ball landing on their selected number, making them a virtual "fake chip millionaire."  And, if they do this little dance and chant like they're Hindu prophets kneeling on prayer rugs for valueless chips, you can IMAGINE what they do in Las Vegas, when the chips are REAL.

Thus, the Aces Casino Blog "Superstition Digest" is born.  You want to talk about a plethora of material that we can draw from for a topic like THIS....(Laugh) .... Let's just say, after talking with our Aces Casino team, that we're OK for material for a LOOOONG time.  I was actually surprised when we started discussing this with our team; For example, I thought that the day-in, day-out exposure to games like Craps and the way people play them would surely have washed away all thoughts of our Craps dealer teams following superstitious in-roads to Craps table glory.

Wrong again, and don't call me "Shirley."

This little tidbit of superstitious info became evident when one of our readers sent us a link to a website called "Red Dragon Inn," where it states quite frankly that "Adventure Awaits."  No kidding... This site runs the gamut of superstition and the science of theories like the harnessing and applying positive and negative energy into games, especially dice rolls.

THAT was the part that got the juices flowing over here at Aces Casino Entertainment.  Here are some excerpts from what turned out to be a VERY hot topic here at Aces Casino... This was taken from the Red Dragon Inn's website, regarding positive and negative energy with dice...


Mathematical nerds would have you believe in the laws of probability. Equal probability, bell curves, and averages are supposedly how the dice work.  Of course, they are all fools. There exists many ways to "charge" the dice with positive energy to get the good rolls you want. 

Dice tend to accumulate positive and negative energy. Positive energy gives good rolls and negative energy gives bad rolls. Another key to good dice rolls is mental thought. The mind can generate powerful mental waves that can control the roll of the dice. 

The will of the roller is one of the best techniques for dice rolling. The singular "a die" is used when providing information however most  information pertains to the plurar "dice" as well. Some suggestions are in conflict with other suggestions. Choose the ones that work best for you and ignore the other ones.


Now, I have to tell you right up front that I've been known to scream at the TV set while watching my beloved San Diego Chargers blow yet another NFL football game by doing what they do best -- Goof up -- And my wife, who I love so much, continues to remind me that the team can't hear me from where I'm standing.  My normal response is something like, "Well, they FEEL me."  But, as we sit here and write this parakeet paper today, I must admit that I've talked to the dice from time to time when I'm shooting.

They just don't listen.
THIS is usually the temperature of the dice when I'm shooting.

I'm sorry, I just can't buy the theory of positive and negative energy in dice.  I suppose that makes me a "dice atheist," but so be it.  I mean, I've pleaded, I've BEGGED, just one more number, and BOOM.  Seven out.  So much for "the mind generating powerful mental waves that can control the roll of the dice."  Blarney.  My dice must have earmuffs on. 

And another thing -- What can you promise a set of dice that'll turn them to your side, so they'll give you your number?  I mean, what's a cushy job for dice?  Maybe a Monopoly set, I guess.  Families only get that game out about once a year, then put it back away, when the family members fight for two hours, storm out of the house 10 minutes before Thanksgiving dinner is served, and everyone forgets about it by next Thanksgiving (Ed. Note: Except the cook, of course.)  It can't be Yahtzee.  Five dice, multiple throws, jealous dice...That ain't gonna work....

Yeah, Monopoly.  That's what I'll promise them next time.  A cushy desk job doin' Monopoly.

Or maybe, I'll skip the chants to my square pair, and go with the last line of the Red Dragon Inn article...

"Some suggestions are in conflict with other suggestions. Choose the ones that work best for you and ignore the other ones."

For more on this scintillating topic, check out the Red Dragon Inn's website link right here.  I'll guarantee you that another edition of "Superstition Digest" will return very quickly with "Volume II," as yet, untitled.  Look for it on July 25 - I know these guys and gals.  The Aces Casino orange county casino party team will surely share some more of their gaming quirks by then.  (Ed. Note: It HAS to be the story about the football game, and all the calamities before it.  It's a classic, you'll all love it.)

And don't call me Shirley.

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