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Aces Casino Blog: Our 3 Favorite Amazing, Amusing and Confusing News Stories - The May 2013 Edition (Starring Hitler Teapots & Mystery Diners Fraud!)

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment, also known as the best Orange county casino party company on the west coast, we strive to follow one simple rule when it comes to local, regional and/or national news --Truth is SO much stranger than fiction.

Seriously - When you see some story on TV, online or in print and you think to yourself, "you just can't make stuff like this up," that's when you know you've hit "Pulitzer gold," my friends.  Thankfully for the writers of this Aces Casino Blog parakeet paper, we've ALWAYS got something to write about when it comes to finding the most amazing, amusing and confusing news articles of any given month.

Without question, we LOVE crazy news articles.  The goofier, the better, we always say.   I'm sure the newspapers and media outlets love these lil' gems, and we do, too.

So, without further fanfare, let's chronicle the top 3 news stories of May 2013, as selected by our fully under-qualified staff here at Aces Casino Entertainment.....

#1 -- Frank Zappa was right - Don't eat that yellow snow

We found this golden news nugget from Houston Texas, where it appears that the training given to the vendors inside the Houston Astros Minute Maid Park leaves a little something to be desired. The Astros released a statement late Wednesday addressing a Ch. 2 report about a Minute Maid Park food vendor bringing snow cones into a stadium restroom Monday.

A cellphone video clip shows the snow cones on the bathroom floor, next to a stall being used by the vendor. According to Ch. 2, the video was taken by a person who attended Kansas City’s 6-5 victory against the Astros on Monday at Minute Maid.  Astros president Reid Ryan said in a statement the organization was notified Monday by ARAMARK, who handles the stadium’s food services, about the incident and the third-party employee was immediately terminated.

Oh, and just in case you missed the best line of the story, it would have to come from newly-promoted team GM Reid Ryan (son of Angels' pitcher Nolan Ryan), who let off this gem -- “This isolated incident was a clear violation of our food safety practices and is not reflective of our standards,” Ryan said.

Gee, we sure hope so.  Too late, though, Reid -- I'll never look at another sno-cone the same way, ever again.  Oh, and for those of you that know we go the extra mile to cover these stories, here is the actual cell-phone footage of the "incident."  You KNOW we'd find it.

"Daddy, why is steam coming off of the top of my sno-cone?"

#2 --Scripted Reality TV?  Oh, Say Not So.... (Alternate Working Title: Ummm, Which Side Of The Family Are You From, Again?)

If you know ANYTHING about this Orange county casino night party company at all, you KNOW that the crew here at Aces Casino LOVES reality TV.  All KINDS of it.  Unfortunately, as you may have heard, there are some "reality TV" shows that play fast and loose with the term, "Reality."  This appears to be the case with a fairly new show on the satellite dish called "Mystery Diners."   We first caught wind of a possible shark-jumping on this show when we saw a recent clip of "Mystery Diners," and thought the people on that show acted a little, shall we say, "wooden."  (They can't act.)

A recent episode, entitled "All In The Family," may have opened Pandora's "YouTube" box this week when a nasty, obscene waitress that claims to be a member of the immediate family of the owner showed up on the show.  Going by the name of "Dee Dee," this horrible excuse for a wait staff member literally does a number on the show.  Rude comments to fellow waitresses, snotty dialogue between her and her customers, and even defiling a customer's sandwich when he had earlier complained about the service by placing the sandwich in-between her breasts before serving it to him won her the "horrible service staff member of the year" honors.

One problem, though.  "Dee Dee" looks like someone that works in the entertainment industry.  Someone that we KNOW.  At press time, we're working on this story, and checking our facts before we go any further, but this little episode might blow the lid off "Mystery Diners," should it be proven true.  We'll get the pictures, the vids, and ultimately the scoop on this situation, and the minute we're ready, we'll give it all to our vast (4?) legion of followers.  Stay tuned.  (Ed. Note: Wow...REAL news?  You don't get paid extra for this, son.)

It's official.  If it's on the internet, it must be true.  (Or not.)

UPDATE --  Checkmate.  The show is fully scripted.  One of our team remembered Deenie Castleberry at an event we did about one year ago.  It turns out that she's the same "Dee Dee" that appears as a faux-family member in the Mystery Diners Episode entitled "All In The Family."  Talked to her yesterday, she's "Dee Dee."  Oh, and she had one other revelation -- Another acquaintance of ours, actor Tommy O'Brien (Find him at his link provided) appeared as a thief in a year 3, episode 4 broadcast entitled, "Catch of the Day." We're sooooo disappointed.  Tommy and Deenie are pretty good in the show, though.  Hope it helps their careers.

Funny thing... IMDB and the "Diners" keep deleting our pictures of the two "stars" we've outed, but there's no deleting Tommy O;Brian's appearance credit on his bio as "The Thief."  That's "Game Over," Food Network.  Come clean now, or else we send in Samy and Amy B., and you don't want THAT.

We're calling out a full "B.S." on "Mystery Diners."  The only mystery to be solved is which agent is getting 10% for his/her client to appear on the show.  Good job by the actors, snow job by the show...

#3 --"Hitler Teapot" has SoCal Commuters Steamed

First off, I have to admit that I never saw the billboard that everyone is yakking about, which (I'm told) towers over the 405 freeway near Culver City, but I sure as Hades had heard of all the ruckus.  Well, here are the pics and vids, judge for yourself...


Anyone that wonders how eyewitnesses to major crimes in SoCal can botch up even the easiest description of the perpetrators can rest easy, as of now.  Answer -- We're all blind as bats.  We have one of these tea kettles in our house.  I never noticed the resemblance to Adolf Hitler (because there isn't one), but I noticed a few days ago that the kettle always starts steaming every time I put French Fries or French Bread next to it.  Nah, It's gotta be a coincidence.

BONUS VIDEO -- Braves' Fan Goes "Gangnam Style"

You KNOW we always have an extra vid for those of you that can't get enough.  Let's lighten things up with a little guy that was spotted in-between innings at a recent Atlanta Braves home game.  This is too funny.... He's got the moves....

Psy needs to get into the exercise-video biz.  I get tired just watching it.

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