Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: "The Minute That We Saw The Title Of That Show ("Kitchen Nightmares"), We Knew It Was Going to Be Spectacular! (We Had NO Idea.)

You HAVE to love Television.

At Aces Casino Entertainment, the Orange county casino party leader since 1994, we LOVE TV, especially out-of-nowhere hits that spring up on TV.  For years, our staff has always loved to pick their favorite TV shows of any given year and post them in the Aces Blog, and of course, yours truly chimes in with his 2 cents-worth for the Aces Parakeet Paper.  But every once in a while, some show that we've rarely heard from steps up to the plate and blasts a game-winning, grand slam home run.

And, last month, on May 10, Fox TV's "Kitchen Nightmares" cleared the bases.

If you haven't heard about it, a TV crew with a world-renowned chef wandered into a Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant, by request of the owners.  The husband and wife team was chagrined that business was down, and they couldn't figure out why.

After watching the "Kitchen Nightmares" episode featuring these two owners, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, it seemed to become quite apparent as to what may have gone wrong with recent situations involving their restaurant, "Amy's Baking Company."  For those lucky enough to not have heard of this legendary internet snafu involving these two, or also for those that have the time to live out this classic TV meltdown here today, the entire "Kitchen Nightmares" episode is shown below.  We call it, "43 minutes of bliss," with no commercial interruption.  Bon Appetit.

I'm not leaving a tip, because the wait staff wouldn't get it, anyway. 

 I know... It's just internet gold.  Now, believe us when we tell you that we've wrestled with our posting of this particular episodic situation that must surely climax in the closing of the restaurant (Ed. Note: We have an 'out of business' pool here at Aces Casino.  I've got July 19.), and if we should glorify this unfortunate handling of a touchy situation by our restauranteurs.  It's like kicking someone when they're down...

Ahh, the heck with it.  We're posting it.  

We've all had bosses like this that have gotten away with murder, slumlord-types that had US washing their cars, and tossing verbal abuse at us day after day.  It isn't right, but for all of us that were waiting for the day when the nasty bosses faced the Karma, it looks like the day of restaurant reckoning is coming fairly soon.  We actually wish Amy and Samy well.  

True story.  

We'd LOVE to see them try to hang on, and turn that Scottsdale location into a working restaurant "museum" of sorts.  I mean really, how cool would it be to actually sit in that restaurant at the 50-yard-line, and watch this dysfunctional eatery implode on a nightly basis, as they kick out customer after customer for insulting those rubber-tire pies??  Please, PLEASE tell me we haven't heard the last of the Saddam Hussein clone and his cat-lady wife.

Update:  Bad news for the Aces Casino employees that had May 21 in the "out of business" pool.  The restaurant re-opened that evening, although the supposed press conference that the twosome promised was scuttled, because FOX-TV stepped in and threatened sanctions if the pair denigrated the network.  And, at $100K per violation, that's a lot of cat food and frozen raviolis, baby..

Of course, should any further updates appear before this blog entry from Aces Casino Entertainment, the top Orange county casino party company on the west coast (and lover of frozen raviolis) makes it's print appearance, we'll be sure to post it here.

That's all for now...(I suppose.)  We'll be back next time with another scintillating worthless blog entry from the top casino night party company in SoCal..... 

And, to Amy and Samy, we wish you good luck in your business.  

Why?  Simple.  I got September 16 in the pool.