Monday, June 3, 2013

Aces Casino Blog Complaint Department: Hey! How Come We Didn't See Any Of This 21st-Century Gaming Technology in the Movie "Back To The Future Part 2?"

Sometimes, it can be a tough job to "slip one by the goalie" here at the top Orange County casino party company on the West coast, that company known as Aces Casino Entertainment, but it DOES happen.  Every once in a blue moon, something from the gaming industry in general just appears out of nowhere, something that catches us totally by surprise, something we did not know existed.  (Ed. Note: Especially when it comes to the treats sold in the break room vending machines, but that's a story for another time.  Who told the vending machine guys to 'go healthy,' anyway?  Bleh...)

We begin this Monday's quasi-effort in the Aces Casino Blog by quoting the esteemed Dr. Alan Grant, a character played by Sam Neill in the 1993 Steven Spielberg blockbuster movie, "Jurassic Park" --"The world has just changed so radically, and we're all running to catch up."  This was the instant feeling that this reporter had when we saw a picture of a machine that looked like a kiosk for some movie rental company, like a RedBox, or a Blockbuster Express machine..

Paging Mr. Tannen... Mr. Biff Tannen.....

This picture comes to us from one of our favorite (if not THE favorite) blog websites, something called the "Pulse Of Vegas Blog," a 4-year-old blog written and produced by a man named Scott Roeben for the Caesars Entertainment corporation.  More on that later....Now, back to the picture....

Now, upon further scrutiny (not to mention Scott's copy from the blog), we quickly discovered that you'd be out of luck trying to rent a copy of "Life Of Pi" from this machine, but if you were looking to place a wager on the upcoming Angels' baseball game, you'd be in the right place.

That photo shows none other than the Quad's new "Sports Betting Kiosk," conveniently located across from the Quad Wine & Spirits, in the hotel's new casino area. 

Ummm... Excuse me?  A SPORTS BETTING KIOSK?   Are you tellin' me that in this world that we live in, there's some machine that you can place sports bets on with no cigar-chomping old man mumbling our selections back to us?   Well, to say the least, this by-chance discovery set the proverbial wheels in motion over here at Aces Casino.   How can this BE, we wondered.  None of us had EVER heard of this lil' piece of heaven even existing in Vegas, or anywhere else, for that matter.  We had to perform some instant research on this marvel, right away.  So, without further adieu, we went right to our "Gold Standard" source for futuristic, state-of-the-art casino stuff, to find out the truth about this sports wagering leviathan -- The ONLY place we'd EVER go to find out the truth about 21st-century wagering like this....

Our "Go-To" source?  Why, It's our DVD of "Back To The Future, Part Two," of course.

I mean, that movie was set in the year, what, 2015?  I mean, surely, there HAS to be a shot of this 21st-century gaming marvel sitting somewhere in the background footage shot inside of Biff's Casino (Ed. Note: which, we might add, looked VERY familiar to those of us that had frequented the Union Plaza Hotel and Casino some years back).  We must have watched that part of the movie some 20 times yesterday, looking for this sports betting kiosk somewhere, ANYWHERE, in ANY of the shots of the interior of "Biff's."

Nope.  No dice.  It ain't there.  I mean, look for yourself.

Exhibit A - No Kiosk in THIS shot, But I think that's Billy Zane in the hat.  Could be wrong.

 Exhibit B - The Lost "Biff Tannen Museum" Footage from the film.  We go the extra mile.

Well, when you think about it, this must mean that our Michael J. Fox / Christopher Lloyd "21st-Century Las Vegas Masterpiece" film MUST be truly ahead of it's time.  The FILM is set in 2015, two years AFTER our current year that we live in, so we think that those machines must now be old news in the year 2015, and THAT'S why you don't SEE them in the film.  (Ed. Note: We call this 'Aces Casino Logic.'  Don't ask.)  Hey, you know how Las Vegas keeps their promise of "out with the old, and in with the new."  Wow...Robert Zemeckis is truly a visionary, after all.

And so goes the logic of the bloggers of Aces Casino Entertainment, the best Orange County casino night party company on the west coast.  And the city of Norwalk wanted me to serve on jury duty last year.  I'm sure that by now, they're thankin' their lucky stars that this reporter wasn't available, or a miscarriage of justice wouldn't have been far off.

And now, the epilogue to our cryptic blog for this Monday.... Back when the powers that be decided that Aces Casino Entertainment should have a blog to promote not only the company, but all things "Vegas," we thought to ourselves, "OK, if we're going to DO this, we're going to do it OUR way - With a smirk on our faces, and an uplifted brow."  You know, something to show this supposed "irreverent" side that we're supposed to have (Ed. Note: and have won awards for in our industry).

We went looking on the 'Net, searching far and wide for a blog that spoke to us in a language we could understand.  Then, suddenly, there it was.... We found the "Pulse Of Vegas Blog."   Once we read Scott Roeben's blog and found he had a similar sense of humor about the way his blog should look and feel, we knew how to proceed.  THAT'S how the Aces Casino Blog was going to look, and more importantly, THINK.  We already had that style at our many events, so we thought, "Hey - Why not bring that style to the printed page of our parakeet paper?"

Voila.  The Aces Blog was born....May 1, 2009.

We'll attempt to thank Scott Roeben personally for his long-distance shove into this crazy blog world that we now reside in, if at all possible.  We'll be traveling to Las Vegas in late June for a business trip related to both the blog AND Aces Casino, so we'll try to contact the blog-meister of the "Pulse Of Vegas Blog" and see if we can take him out to lunch, or something.  (Ed. Note: Just come back with the Roulette wheel we ordered, Mister Pulitzer.  We're not paying for your trip to Vegas to go schmooze!)  Hey -- If we can travel to Minnesota for a "big ball of twine tournament," we surely can do lunch in Vegas. 

Oh.  One more thing.  Scott takes good pictures, MUCH better than OUR team.  Here's a shot of the Britney Spears look-alike that's currently performing in the Flamingo Hotel and Casino's 30th Anniversary of the "Legends In Concert....."

Yeah..Britney WISHES she looked like this.

And, yes, a quick note to the powers that be over at Aces Casino Entertainment, the top Orange County casino party company in SoCal -- In True "Pulse Of Vegas Blog" form, we're sure we've taken care of acquiring the normal release forms required for our publication today.  Do we seem like the type of blog that wouldn't get the release forms?

(Ed. Note: Sigh.........)

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