Thursday, May 2, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: "Wheel-Watch 2013" - It's Time To Check In With "SkyVue" and the "High Roller / Linq" and Find Out Just Who's Ready to Take Us For a Ride

Let it never be said that Aces Casino Entertainment (A.K.A. the best Orange county casino party company on the west coast) doesn't take the time to do the necessary follow-up work on some of the blog entries that appear on our semi-famous parakeet paper.  Back on February 28, our Aces Blog team stumbled upon a story in Las Vegas surrounding what we'll call the "Glitter Gulch Space Race," where two competing construction crews are currently hard at work trying to be the first team to build the first working Ferris - type observation wheel in Las Vegas.  (Ed. Note: You'll conveniently  find the link to that Feb. 28 story right here.)

For today's blog entry, we decided to check in with the two companies and find out who looks to be ahead in the race to charge $20 (a wild guess, let's see how close we come) for a ride on one of these rotating behemoths in what we thought was the best way possible - video testimony!  First up, let's look in on Howard Bulloch's development team, the guiding force behind SkyVue, the observation wheel that will become part of the Las Vegas landscape right across from the currently-named Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino...

"SkyVue," Jan. 2013.  Forget that image above, ain't even close to that.

OK, well, they're making SOME progress.  Remember, Mr. Bulloch's team had to suffer through some rough financial problems with SkyVue that set the builders back a few months.  (Ed. Note: Who are we kidding?  SkyVue had more liens against it than you could shake a stick at.)  So far, so good.. Now, let's take a peek at SkyVue's challenger, the "High Roller," currently being built at the "Project Linq" site across from Caesar's Palace....

"High Roller / Linq,"  in March, 2013.

After the Stewards' inquiry on the tote board, and after further examination of the two videos above, the Stewards are giving the first place lead (as things sit right now) to the High Roller.  As the crow flies, It's tough for anyone here at Aces Casino Entertainment (the Orange County casino party company leader) to predict that SkyVue can make up the necessary ground to be the first wheel operating in Vegas, but It's still early.  Personally, if you ask me (Ed. Note: We didn't, but that never stops you), I'm kinda likin' that High Roller.  Nice position on the strip, and the company building that monster observation wheel (namely W. A, Richardson Builders and the American Bridge Company) has an excellent track record in past experiences with this sort of endeavor.

That's all for now, but you KNOW the Aces Casino Blog team will be all  over this story until it's conclusion.  Hey, when you're the top Orange county casino night party company in the southland, you're expected to go the extra mile.  Who ELSE in our industry has written a twice-weekly blog for four years?  (Ed. Note: That would be us.)  Can you tell that we're very proud of what we've built here?  Just as long as they don't ask us to help them BUILD the High Roller.  We'd have to politely decline their invitation.  We don't BUILD 'em, we just RIDE 'em.  

Oh, by the way - Yes, stop sending us e-mails -- We know about the supposedly-proposed THIRD observation wheel that has been on the drawing board since 2006 with a London-themed park around it, to be located (at last glance) on or around the old El Rancho site.  That twice-failed proposal is rearing it's ugly head again, but we're not holding our breath in regards to this one.  Anyone interested in catching up on this oft-maligned proposal can find it right here.)

OK, that's all for the Aces Casino Parakeet Paper for today, but next up on the docket -- The Month of May means that It's time to take our readers'  advice, and get back to the business of casino games.  And what better way to do this then to signify that the month of May on our blog is now officially "Game Trainer Month?"  Check it out next week, my friends, as we start off our "Let's Play Games" series with our top Blackjack game trainer.  Heck, that's just ONE of the game trainers we'll attack our faithful throng with... It's going to be a BLAST!  We'll see you on Monday, bring your "A" Game!

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