Thursday, May 23, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: An All-Star Team Of Entertainers Teamed Up To Put On Another "Five Star" Show at Downtown Disney (But Newton Was Our Favorite....)

(Ed. Note: Those loyal readers of the Aces Casino Blog that were expecting to find the Pai-Gow Poker Game Trainer here today will be disappointed to discover that, because of the following Aces Special Blog Report on Downtown Disney, that the game trainer blog scheduled for today has been moved back to Monday, May 27.  Actual cash value paid out to our readers that were adversely affected by this rescheduled blog entry - 1/100 of 1 cent.  Spend wisely.)

It goes without saying that the superstar crew over at Southern California's top Orange County casino party company (heretofore to be known as Aces Casino Entertainment) always looks forward to putting on a fantastic show at each and every venue in which they appear, but every once in a while we are brought into a special event where, as our team likes to put it, "The Stars in Heaven are Perfectly Aligned."  Such an event took place last weekend when Downtown Disney's Catal Restaurant and Uva Bar was the site recently for WSH&B's 2013 "Magic Hour."

With apologies to one of our all-time favorite clients, we'd call it the "2013 Magic 5 Hours."

You know, It's SO easy to make Aces Casino look like the best Orange county casino party company on the west coast when you're surrounded by so much talent in one event, but Downtown Disney does it every time we're there.  They don't pay us to say it, but there is no better event coordination and marketing team better than the Mouse, my friends.  They see to it that everything runs as smooth as silk, and they leave nothing to chance.  That's the main reason that we love to network with the best over at Disney.  Simply put, they ARE the best.

Now, it seems like we're the top headliner at just about EVERY event that we take part in, and we're more than happy to carry the ball for the home team every time out.  But, when it comes to WSH&B's events at Downtown Disney, we're MORE than happy to share the spotlight with some of the best people and entertainers in their field, as well as ours.  First, we HAVE to mention the photo booth extraordinaire that is brought to network with us by Anthony Barber over at Red Carpet Photo Booth

There's Anthony, showing he's not camera-shy.

Anthony's been on our Disney team for a while now, and he IS simply tops in the field.  He not only takes and provides the pictures of the guests, but he brings a TON of costumes and props that the guests can choose from, in order to spice up their paparazzi shots. Anthony does a great job with all of the guests, and his equipment gets some GREAT shots of the crowd every time out.

Next, everyone knows that every successful party needs a great party BAND.   And this year, the talent coordinators over at WSH&B out-did themselves with the band that appeared with us last weekend - They brought in a group call "FlashPants."  Now I had advance notice of FlashPants, when I saw them working out at a retro-80's bar back in January, when attending another event.  I knew they were going to wow the crowd, and they did not disappoint....

FlashPants.  Don't ask, I have no idea.

This is our first year working with this 80's/90's retro band, but we hope it isn't the last.  This energetic, interactive, fun band had our guests going CRAZY, all night long.  They know all of the good 80's songs, and the band's SOUND is second-to-none.  (You should hear them doing Gary Numan's 'Cars.')  You can check them out here, we'll guarantee you that you'll love 'em.  They're amazing.  So much fun.

And finally, we come to the portion of the entertainment that we adore most -- The casino night, of course.  While all of this other craziness is going on at the party, we're more than busy on the balcony overlooking Downtown Disney, and Aces Casino is doing their normal orange county casino night party thing for a BIG casino-crazy crowd.

All this, with one other small addition - Fantastic Fig.

Now, anybody that knows Aces Casino Entertainment knows that we just LOVE Paul Fegen, A. K. A. "Fantastic Fig," the best psychic magician and card-trick specialist in the business.  Some of you may remember "Fig" when the Fantastic One made his successful appearance on the 2011 version of "America's Got Talent," and boy, does Fantastic Fig have TALENT.  You can check his web thingy out right here.

From Left to Right - Fig, Newton, Carrie.

Literally, this guy is a one-man entertainment machine.  This may cost all of our other team of entertainers their jobs (Ed. Note: including us, you dummy), but every time I see Fantastic Fig at an event, I get the feeling that he could do the whole show for all 300 people, and keep every one of them fully enthralled with his style of magic for the full four hours.  I mean, he asked one man to name a card, any card.  He named the King of Spades, and poof!  It appeared, right out of the sky.

There it is.  See it?  Told ya.  Kudos for my "action shot."  First time I ever shot one.

Fastastic Fig always lives up to his name, and this night was no exception.  He and his protege', Newton, strolled thru the casino, doing specialized magic for each and every guest that asked.  He's tireless, I have no idea how to keep up with him.  It's impossible.  And his cat, Newton?  I'll tell you right now -- That is the nicest, most mellow, cutest assistant that a magician could ever have.  That cat lets people pet him, shoot pictures with him, he'll let you do just about anything, and always keeps his cool, just like Fig.  They make a good team, and we love seeing them at the events.

Well, that's all for now as we close out this special report from out in the field.  Our thanks to everyone at the WSH&B "Magic Hour" for making this still another fabulous evening.  (My kids are jealous, they want to meet Fantastic Fig and Newton so bad!)   Next Monday, we'll be back with our "Let's Play Games" series, when another fabulous game trainer will come aboard the Aces Casino Game Train.  (Ed. Note: Oh, now, THAT'S cute!)  Have a good weekend, and we'll see you on Monday with our Pai-Gow Game Trainer!

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