Monday, April 15, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: The "Top 3 YouTube Videos Of The Week" For April (Yes, We're Sensing a Theme Here)

Here at Aces Casino, the crew known for being the top Orange County casino party company on the west coast, we strive for excellence in many fields, the most important one being our commitment to excellence in the field of Las Vegas night casino parties.  But, right behind THAT commitment lies our secondary reason for living -- The search for the wacky, weird, and goofy in any area of media.  It doesn't matter to us WHERE we fin d it, just that we DO discover these not-so-hidden gems of the internet, and turn them into, in this case, "viral videos."

Ahh, It's good to have a reason for living.

Hey - and what better place to search for these media marvels than the most popular video share-site in the internet world - YouTube?  And with that, It's time for the videos that our crazy crew here at Aces Casino deemed the "Top 3 YouTube Videos of the Week / Month."  (Ed. Note: Hope they're good / worth it, or all of you will need to find a new job / paycheck.  Now get off YouTube, and file our tax forms!  It's April 15th!)  Take it away, YouTube.....

#1 -- Two Guys in their '90's Race in a 100-Meter Dash 

We love ANYTHING we can gamble on.  Place your bets...

#2 -- Sergio Garcia's One- Handed Shot in a Tree (?)

OK, give the guy that FOUND this ball a prize.

#3 -- "Unbelievable Deal Or No Deal Finale"

I've said it a million times..."You should always listen to Grandma."

#4 -- Bonus Video!  For those who have seen it all at the track, this one's for you....

OK, fess up - Have you EVER seen THIS happen at the track?

Yes, by now, I'm sure you caught our "theme" for the week....Gambling.  All three of our vids had that "will they do it, who will win, who do I bet on" theme.  We'll bring this edition back to our Aces Casino Blog with a monthly feature, I'm sure.  (Ed. Note: I still can't believe that 'Deal Or No Deal' Guy.)  That's all for now from the top orange county casino night party company in the biz...We'll be back next week with some more irreverence in our weekly Blog... We'll see you then, have a great weekend!!

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