Friday, April 19, 2013

Aces Casino Blog Special Report: Our Thanks To All Of Those That Helped Ease The Pain Of The Boston Marathon Bombings - All Of America Salutes You!

We're not going to blast away with our Aces Casino Propaganda machinery like we normally do here, my friends.  No sales pitch, nothing like that at all.  We just wanted to give thanks to all of the men, women and children of Boston, Massachusetts, and all of the many surrounding cities, towns and states that sent help to the city that needed it, so the healing could begin.  To all the law enforcement officials that put in countless hours of work putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to solve this heinous crime, all the volunteers, and all those fine people of Boston, Watertown, and all cities and towns in-between that we haven't named but are so deserving of praise, America salutes you.  Thank you for your service.  You make us all so proud.

We have events all day tomorrow, but this just could not wait another minute.  These two entries are what makes us so proud to be an American on this night, and all nights to come...


.And THIS.

We will NEVER forget that scene from the rink in Boston....That's all.  We'll be back Monday.  Thank you so much, all of you that did that incredible job this week. You are what makes America great.

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