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Aces Casino Blog: Part Three of our 3-Part Series On The Infamous "Black Book" of Las Vegas Casinos

It's time for the top Orange County casino party company, A.K.A. Aces Casino Entertainment, to wrap up this interesting look into the official Las Vegas Casino's "Black Book,"  one of the most discussed, but rarely delved into book of it's kind anywhere.  Part Three of the series simply deals with the answer to the question, "hey, just who IS in this infamous Black Book of Las Vegas?"  Ask and you shall receive, my friends, courtesy of the top Orange County casino night party company in SoCal - Aces Casino

There have been 50 individuals entered on the List of Excluded Persons, otherwise known as Nevada's Black Book. The following is the year they were listed, their current age, and last known city of residence along with the reason they were listed:

* 1960 -- Marshall Caifano, 101, Chicago: A high-ranking Chicago mobster suspected of committing numerous killings who became the mob's Las Vegas enforcer.
* 1960 -- Louis Tom Dragna, 92, Covina, Calif.: One-time acting boss of the Los Angeles mob who unsuccessfully challenged the legality of the Black Book.
* 1960 -- Carl James Civella, deceased: Mob boss in Kansas City, Mo., who was convicted of skimming and maintaining hidden interests in the Tropicana.
* 1960 -- Nicholas Civella, deceased: Brother of Carl; another Kansas City mob boss convicted in the Tropicana case.
* 1960 -- Sam Giancana, deceased: Chicago mob boss, murdered gangland style, who was linked to the 1960 presidential election of John F. Kennedy and to a 1963 CIA plot to assassinate Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.
* 1960 -- Murray Llewellyn Humphreys, deceased: An alleged lieutenant of Chicago mobster Al Capone.Humphreys worked for Giancana.
* 1960 -- Joseph Sica, deceased: Los Angeles mobster involved in bookmaking, narcotics.
* 1960 -- Michael Coppola -- A New York City mob enforcer who was involved in drug trafficking and later moved to Miami, Fla.
* 1960 -- John Louis Battaglia, deceased: A Los Angeles mob associate who was arrested with Dragna on a vagrancy charge at the Desert Inn hotel-casino.
* 1960 -- Robert L. Garcia, deceased: A mob associate who lived in Southern California.
* 1960 -- Motel Grzebienacy, deceased: A mob associate who resided in Kansas City, Mo.
* 1965 -- Ruby Kolod, deceased: A Desert Inn hotel-casino executive who was alleged to have stolen money from the resort to finance an oil deal. He was removed from the Black Book later that year.
* 1965 -- Felix Alderisio, whereabouts unknown: A reputed Giancana lieutenant tied to Kolod's oil deal. He was removed from the book later that year and eventually became a Chicago mob boss.
* 1965 -- William Alderman, deceased: A one-time stockholder in the El Cortez, Flamingo and Riviera hotel-casinos who was also tied to Kolod's oil deal. He, too, was removed from the book.
* 1975 -- Wilford Kalaauala Pulawa, 77, Kauai, Hawaii: Alleged head of organized crime in Hawaii at a time when gaming regulators were concerned about junket representatives associated with him.
* 1975 -- Alvin George Kaohu, 75, Honolulu, Hawaii: Pulawa's right-hand man.
* 1978 -- Anthony Joseph Spilotro, deceased: The Chicago mob's enforcer in Las Vegas whose badly beaten body was found in an Indiana cornfield in 1986.
* 1986 -- John Joseph Vaccaro Jr., 73, Las Vegas: Convicted ringleader of a slot cheating operation who has also been convicted of illegal bookmaking.
* 1986 -- Sandra Kay Vaccaro, 73, Las Vegas: Vaccaro's wife and the only woman in the Black Book, she participated in her husband's slot cheating ring.
* 1986 -- Carl Wesley Thomas, deceased: One-time owner of Bingo Palace and Slots-A-Fun and executive at the Riviera, Stardust and Tropicana resorts who was convicted of skimming and holding a hidden interest in the Tropicana.
* 1987 -- Chris George Petti, 86, San Diego: A top organized crime figure in San Diego who was convicted of illegal bookmaking.
* 1988 -- Michael Anthony Rizzitello, 86, Reseda, Calif.: A reputed California mob associate convicted of attempting to extort casino leaders Benny Binion and Moe Dalitz.
* 1988 -- William Gene Land, 77, Las Vegas: Convicted of marking cards for a blackjack game.
* 1988 -- James Tamer, 101, Mt. Clemens, Mich.: A one-time Aladdin hotel-casino executive who was convicted of hiding his ownership interest in the resort after having been denied a gaming license.
* 1988 -- Frank Joseph Masterana, 84, Las Vegas: The bookmaker has a history of gambling-related convictions and allegedly was associated with mob figures.
* 1988 -- Frank Larry Rosenthal, 84, Boca Raton, Fla.: One-time entertainment director of the Stardust and Argent Corp. executive who was allegedly associated with mob figures and pleaded no contest to a charge of conspiracy to bribe a college basketball player.
* 1988 -- Gaspare Anedetto Speciale, deceased: A bookmaker convicted of interstate transmission of sports bets, loan-sharking, racketeering.
* 1989 -- Harold Travis Lyons, 77, Las Vegas: A convicted slot cheat whose rap sheet also includes convictions for burglary, grand theft and drug-related crimes.
* 1990 -- Joseph Vincent Cusumano, 77, Las Vegas: An alleged loan shark and Chicago mob associate who was convicted of helping to skim money from a Culinary Union life insurance plan.
* 1990 -- Douglas Joseph Barr, 54, Sparks: The youngest person listed in the Black Book is a convicted slot cheat who was imprisoned for making a cheating device causing electronic machines to pay out.
* 1991 -- Timothy John Childs, 65, Reno: A convicted slot cheat who made mechanical machines pay out by pulling the handle down part way and then jerking it.
* 1991 -- Francis Citro, 67, Las Vegas: Alleged to have ties to the Los Angeles mob, the former card dealer was convicted for extortion and racketeering and for using counterfeit credit cards.
* 1992 -- Richard Mark Perry, 69, Las Vegas: Convicted of fixing horse races and basketball games, he allegedly served as a bookmaker for the New York mob and was linked with the UNLV Rebels basketball team when he was photographed in a hot tub with three players.
* 1993 -- Anthony Michael St. Laurent, 72, Johnston, Rhode Island: An alleged "made member" of the New England mob convicted of running an illegal gaming operation, racketeering and cocaine possession.
* 1993 -- Albert Anthony Corbo, deceased: Owner of a Las Vegas sports information service who was convicted of bookmaking and conducting illegal gambling businesses in Atlantic City, N.J., Philadelphia and Miami Beach, Fla.
* 1993 -- Edward Lawrence DeLeo, deceased: A Boston mob associate with a bookmaking conviction who was also tied to Spilotro.
* 1994 -- Dominic Anthony Spinale, 77, Las Vegas: Another reputed New England mob associate and bookmaker, convicted with DeLeo of relaying betting information from Las Vegas to Boston.
* 1994 -- Brent Eli Morris, 56, Bridgeton, N.J.: He has multiple convictions for making bets after dice were thrown in craps and cards were dealt in baccarat.
* 1994 -- Douglas William Barr Sr., 77, Las Vegas: Father of Douglas Joseph Barr, he also is a convicted gambling cheat who used coins with strings attached to fool machines.
* 1997 -- William Dominick Cammisano Jr., 64, Harrisonville, Mo.: A reputed Kansas City mob underboss who was convicted of witness tampering during a grand jury investigation of a gangland-style killing.
* 1997 -- Ronald Dale Harris, 57, Las Vegas: A former state Gaming Control Board agent who was convicted of rigging slot machines in Washoe County so that jackpots were paid out if coins were bet in a specific sequence.
* 1997 -- Jerry Dale Criner, 64, Claremore, Okla.: A convicted slot cheat whose rap sheet also includes convictions for burglary, racketeering, theft and currency violations.
* 1997 -- Anthony Thomas Civella, 83, Kansas City, Mo.: The son of Carl Civella and nephew of Nicholas Civella is an alleged Kansas City mobster who was convicted separately of illegal bookmaking and of holding hidden interests and skimming from the Tropicana.
* 1997 -- Louis John Olejack, 62, Las Vegas: A card cheat who was convicted of bending blackjack cards at Harrah's Las Vegas.
* 1997 -- Stephen Anthony Cino, 76, Henderson: A reputed "made member" of the Los Angeles mob who was convicted in an extortion scheme to take over loan-sharking and insurance fraud operations run locally by the late Herbie Blitzstein.
* 1997 -- John Joseph Conti, 78, Las Vegas: He was convicted of attempting to file false credit applications at the Maxim hotel-casino.
* 1997 -- Charles Joseph Panarella, 88, Las Vegas: Convicted of attempted money laundering through the Maxim hotel-casino and a reputed member of the New York mob.
* 1998 -- Michael DiBari, 79, Las Vegas: A former Continental hotel-casino supervisor who was convicted of money laundering from the hotel and who was reputedly tied to imprisoned New York mobster John Gotti.
* 1999 -- Peter Joseph Ribaste, 58, Kansas City, Mo.: An alleged Kansas City mobster, he ran an illegal gambling operation there and later was convicted of mail fraud, wire fraud and failure to disclose Las Vegas gambling debts on loan applications in an attempt to buy a Kansas City car dealership.
* 2008 -- William Cushing, 60, Whereabouts Unknown:  Slot cheat extraordinaire.

Sources:  State Gaming Control Board, Nevada Gaming Commission and "The Black Book and the Mob" by Ronald A. Farrell and Carole Case

That's all for now, my Aces "Blogaholics."  The Black Book is officially in the rear-view mirror.....We'll see you next Monday with a brand new entry into the Aces Blog.... Next up - Our Aces Casino crew's favorite YouTube vids for the month of March, courtesy of the top orange county casino party company in SoCal.  See you then!

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