Thursday, April 25, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: New Casino Game Alert! Here's a Sneak-Peek At a New Game Entitled, "Pick-One 21"

It's a typical situation over here at Aces Casino Entertainment, also known as the best orange county casino party company on the west coast.  When it comes to new casino games coming out, it's either "feast or famine."  It seems like we'll go MONTHS without ANY new Las Vegas-style casino games to speak of, play-test or discuss.  Then, out of the blue, in three day's time, we go from nothing, to TWO new casino games hitting the board here at Aces Casino.  Last Monday, we got our hands on the Flamingo Hotel and Casino's newest edition to the gaming fleet, "Wild 52."  (Here's the link, if you missed it, courtesy of our blog partner-in-crime, Scott Roeben, of "The Pulse of Vegas" Blog.)  Today, we talk about another casino game making it's way onto the Las Vegas-style casino gaming scene....

Pick One 21!  (Yeah, we're not big on the logo, either.)

Now, "Pick-One 21" IS new to the Aces Casino gaming scene - But to our seasoned casino game veterans, this is not a new game at all.  According to our friends over at "The Wizard Of Odds," Pick-One 21 actually made it's debut back in 2001 at the now-defunct Sahara Hotel, where it lasted for about one year.  Earlier this year, however, the game has been resurrected, and is now appearing in (of all places) the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. It initially sounds like a lot of fun.  Here are the rules of the game....

The game is played with six Spanish decks. A Spanish deck is a 48-card deck, consisting of the usual cards, but excluding the four tens.
  1. All cards have the same point value as in blackjack, except that an ace is always one point.
  2. Play begins with each player making a wager.
  3. The dealer will then deal two cards each to a red hand and a blue hand. Each hand shall have one card face up and one face down.
  4. Based on the two face-up cards, the player must choose which hand to bet on. The player may bet on the red hand, blue hand or a tie. In addition, the player may double his wager if betting on the red or blue hand. The player will indicate his choice by pressing a button. If the player elects to double, then he must place the additional wager next to his original wager at this time.
  5. After all players have made their decisions, the dealer will turn over the face down cards. If the total points of the red hand are under 17, then the dealer will hit that hand until the total points are 17 or more. Then, the dealer will hit the blue hand in the same manner.
  6. The hand that comes closer to 21, without going over, shall win. As in blackjack, if one hand busts, and the other doesn't, then the non-busted hand wins. If both hands bust, then all wagers on red or blue lose. In the event of a tie, bets on red or blue shall push, except for premium match ups (see rule 10).
  7. A tie bet shall win if both hands have the same point value or both bust.
  8. A winning bet on red or blue shall pay even money and a winning bet on the tie shall pay 3 to 1.
  9. There are certain combinations of initial red and blue cards that strongly favor one side or the other. They are referred to as "premium match ups." If the player bets on a premium match up, and the hand results in a tie, then the bet shall lose. Premium match ups occur when one card is a 10 and the other is a 2 through a 9. A bet on the 10 in these situations is a premium match up and must beat the other hand to win; otherwise, it loses.
We kinda like that "Red/Blue" thing, so you know what THAT means - Road trip!  You know us here at the Aces Casino Blog - When your company motto is "This Beats Working," you can turn ANYTHING into a business trip.  Now, we're currently in the process of planning such a trip to Thackerville to watch this game called "Pick One 21" in action, with the actual date to be determined.  When we get the go-ahead, we'll broadcast it here on the parakeet paper.

Also, we already found a game trainer on "Pick One 21."  You can get it right here.  Just use the option to play located on the right-hand side of the screen, enter some goofy name, and play "Pick One 21."  It's that easy, courtesy of the "Kings of the Game Trainer," Aces Casino Entertainment.

We can't wait to see this game in motion down the road in Oklahoma, and we're sorry to see that we missed it's original debut back in 2001 at the Sahara.  But, you know what they say -- "Better late than never."  Hey, we have that game trainer, too.  We're good!

Well, that's all for now here on the Aces Casino Blog, but hold on to your hats - Your friends at the top orange county casino party company known as Aces Casino is planning a big "Blog-Splash" for our last Blog article  of the month - The Aces Casino "YouTube Oscars" are coming out!  On Monday, April 29, we'll post our fave YouTube Vids EVER.  You KNOW it'll be outrageous.... Have a good weekend, and we'll see you all back here on Monday!  (Ed. Note: No formal wear needed for the Aces YouTube Oscars....)

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