Monday, April 29, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: From Our "Goofing Off At Work" Division, Here Are Our Selections For The Greatest YouTube Videos Ever Made (The YouTube Oscars?)

(Ed. Note: Right up front, it should be said that while our Aces Casino Entertainment crew might be a combination of incredibly entertaining AND unabashedly irreverent, there's no DOUBT that our crew is, hands-down, the finest casino party company staff in the business.  Don't let their writing style fool you.  They're talented, and committed to serving our southern California clients that strive for the finest in casino night party services.  They come in on their own time just to be around each other, and write for the Aces Casino blog on their own time.  They're special.  Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you all get a raise.  Get back to work!)

When you have the word "Entertainment" right smack dab in the middle of your business name, your individual tastes tend to gravitate towards the best in that same field of entertainment, no matter what the type or genre.  And, when it comes to the party crew over at Aces Casino Entertainment, widely known as the top orange county casino party crew on the west coast, well, you simply want the "best of the best," whether it be in our own chosen field of casino entertainment but ALL types of entertainment.  It's what makes Aces Casino who WE are - The best in the business, period.

Yes, It's true.  We LIVE to entertain our many clients here in southern California, but we also LOVE to be entertained ourselves.  Each and every year, our Aces Casino Christmas Party (Ed. Note: which, by the way, is held every March, due to event calendar restrictions in December) is one of the toughest to put together, because our team of casino crazies has seen it all.  But, at the end of the day, we always have fun at the venue that we invade for our annual bash.  We LOVE to have fun.  All kinds of fun.

That statement brings us to today's topic - Our latest addiction.  YouTube Videos. 

Come on, admit it.  Some of these videos submitted by some very creative people around the world are INCREDIBLY entertaining, so much so, that there is a person here at Aces Casino whose only job is to peruse the internet for first-class entertainment venues and businesses, along with entertaining ideas and videos.  She's pretty busy this year, and all because of what we call the "YouTube Factor."

Yeah, guilty as charged.  We can't get enough of these wild and crazy YouTube vids.

The GOOD news about all this is that this orange county casino party crew isn't selfish when viewing these funny videos.  We like to share our good fortune with our blog-readers.  So, to that end, Aces Casino, the top orange county casino night party crew on the West Coast, proudly presents our picks for what we'll call the "YouTube Oscars," A.K.A. "The Greatest YouTube Videos Ever Made."

#3 -- You, An Elevator, and a Coffin (?)

This Brazilian TV crew loves to spoof people that find themselves trapped in precarious situations, but THIS one takes the cake....Imagine that's YOU in this hilarious video montage...

We'll blame this on that show, "The Walking Dead."

#2 -- Personally, I prefer a "Sleep Number" Bed

I'm sensing an international trend here.  We move to a German comedy video team that found some willing participants in an unscheduled swim party with this ditty posted about a year ago....

Everybody in the Pool!

#1 -- The Brazilian Elevator Team Returns

This one was a unanimous selection as our favorite YouTube video submission of all time.  The same crew that came up with our #3 vid also was the producer of this well-planned, perfectly-executed prank on some unsuspecting elevator users......We're talkin' 64 million views, so we're not alone in our praise.

This is something OUR crew would think up.

As you can tell, we LOVE YouTube - The people that post to that popular video-sharing web site are some of the most creative people anywhere..... We know you love them, too - These blog entries are the most popular on OUR site, as well.  Wait - What's that you say?  You'd like a BONUS video?  OK... (See how easy we are?)

Bonus Video #4 - BREAKING NEWS - It wasn't Booth that got The President - It was Disneyland

Here's another classic home-movie-style video that answered the question, "What happens when something at Disneyland malfunctions?"  Well, I suppose, THIS happens....Enjoy!

That'll close out our April Blog-A-Thon for the month.  We'll be back on the first Thursday in May with another month of crazy, irreverent, and sometimes informative blog entries here on the Aces Casino parakeet paper.  Next up, we check in with those two observation wheel construction crews out in Vegas that are racing against each other in order to build the first operational "Super-Ferris Wheel."  Just how ARE they coming along, and when can we RIDE the darned thing?  Come on back, and check it out...Until then, take care, and have a good week!

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