Thursday, February 21, 2013

Aces Casino "College Of Casino Gaming Knowledge:" The History Of Roulette, The Orangutan's Friend

Here at Aces Casino, the company widely recognized as the top orange county casino party company in southern California, we tend to get a lot of inquisitive clients that ask a LOT of GREAT questions concerning the casino party industry in general, and certain casino-based games in particular.  Heck, where do you think we get most of our material for our informatively irreverent Aces Casino Blog?  (We love our clients!)

We told you about our Aces Casino team having an event out at the campus of the University of Southern California (U.S.C., for short), where we ran into some very intelligent and VERY inquisitive students from the fraternity of Lambda Chi Alpha. Curiosity and intelligence run rampant here as well at the orange county casino night leaders known as Aces Casino, so the inquiries from USC got us thinking -- Maybe it's time to share some information as to just where some of our favorite casino games came to be.  POOF!  Blog article!

So, courtesy of the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, here are some amazing, amusing and confusing historical facts about another one of the Aces Casino Entertainment "Big Three" games supplied by our company on a regular basis -- Roulette!

The History of ROULETTE - The Aces Casino Way

Whoa....Roulette history about its origin cannot be confirmed nor ascertained in any of the recorded data. Most of the people believe that this chance game is based on the games played by the Romans (Ed. Note: Wow, THERE'S a surprise) as an amusement with chariots and spinning wheels that were used to develop game of roulette. Chinese also have the versions regarding the game.  Yeah, I'm guessing they're called "Tough to Beat."

Most of the people claim that the European traders have brought the game from China to Europe. The game was generally to arrange the 37 animal statuettes in the magical square which totals 666. But many claimed the fact that this version did not explain the method to play the game in the roulette history. While you add up the numbers from 1-36 the roulette numbers must come to 666.  (First the Romans, now, the Devil.)

"The Devil's Toy."

The most current Roulette mechanism was invented by the great mathematician and scientist Blaise Pascal who is father of probability and is noted in the roulette history. This happened while he was working on perpetual motion device. This led to the beginning for the modern roulette games.  Blaise should have told us right up front that this game can't be beaten!  Math whizzes -- They're ALWAYS keeping the secrets of these games a secret.

Roly-poly is described in the roulette history and is precursor of the roulette games of today. Even Odd was considered as the simplest version of the online casino Australia roly-poly game. Modern roulette wheels were available in the casinos of Paris about 50 years later. It generally consisted of colors black and red, even and odd number bets, the numbers from 1-36, 00 and 0. The rules regarding the game are depicted in roulette history and it tells the fact that 0 stands for red and 00 stands for black.  Umm, not HERE, they don't.  I'm guessing VEGAS came up with THAT.  Probably Kenny Uston, but don't hold me to that.

Hey? Where's my lucky number, "14," on THIS wheel?  Something's fishy.

One last thing about Roulette - We drove ourselves CRAZY trying out numerous mathematical theories on the game, to no avail.  We finally settled on letting an orangutan throw our chips onto the Roulette layout, sort of a "hit-and-run" method.  That worked just about as well as anything else.  Fun game, but it just doesn't like me.   OK, That's all for now...We'll take a look at another of our "Big Three faves" next time, when the top Orange County casino party company in the southland (and King of the parakeet papers) brings you Part 3 of our "History Of" series -- Blackjack!  See you then!

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