Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: Movie Trivia Time! EVERYBODY Loves THIS One - "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" (1981)

Boy, it is SOOOO good to be back with the ol' Aces Casino Blog.  Oh, don't get me wrong - We DO love the holiday season here at the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, but 38 events in 31 days tends to wipe all of us out a little bit.  So - What's the best way to get back into the Aces Blog swing of things?  Why, by getting back into what we do best around here on Tuesdays, of course - Time-wasting trivia contests!  (Ed. Note: with the emphasis on "time wasting.")

As long-time Aces Blog readers already know, the staff here at Aces Casino are not just the reason that our company is the top Orange County casino party company in SoCal -- They're also the best at wasting time literally EVERY Tuesday here in the Aces offices.  So, when the topic of discussion came up in the hallways concerning "what the next scintillating topic" would make it's appearance on the ol' Blog on Thursday, it turned out to be a no-brainer.

But ..... Not just ANY "no-brainer."

You see, besides all the other accolades heaped upon our bright-eyed Orange County casino night team, we here at Aces Casino are ALSO known for our intense trivia contests.  (Ed. Note: Show up an hour early for an event out with our friends at K. Hovnanian Homebuilders someday, and you'll find this lil' ditty is WAY true.)  So, it made mucho sense to begin to share this inter-office "trivia game" with the blog-readers of the outside world, starting with this very blog-effort.

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you "Entry #2" in the Aces Casino Blog "Recurring Theme" series -- It's time for the Aces Casino Entertainment Tough Trivia Game!  We'll do this as much as possible, so send us the titles of your favorite films, and we'll do the "Tough Trivia" thing any time we get five good questions from our Aces Casino team.

Last time out, we did "Jaws."  THIS time, our readers that e-mailed us suggested another Spielberg classic: "Raiders Of The Lost Ark."  Good luck to all of you.... Also, if you think you've hammered all five trivia questions, send us an e-mail with your answers: You'll be eligible for the monthly drawing for a trip for two to Las Vegas.  (Ed. Note: Come on now.. We wouldn't send you to Lancaster.)

OK, We'll give out five questions, and they can be fairly challenging at times....  Here come the questions in "Raiders of the Lost Ark Tough Trivia."  The answers will appear next week....  Ready?  I hope so..

#1 -- We'll hit the ground running with something that you might remember being mentioned twice - Once in this movie, and the other time in the 3rd film in the series, "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."   What is Indiana Jones ACTUAL given first name?  (They named the DOG 'Indiana,' for some reason.)

#2 -- Karen Allen was the star that played the character named "Marion Ravenwood."  Since we're discussing first names here in our trivia contest, surely you can tell us Marion's FATHER'S name, right?

"Mmmm.... We...are not thirsty..."

#3 -- Two "famous" characters that are not part of the movie show up on one of the columns in the 'Well Of Souls' scene in the film.  What two famous George Lucas characters from a galaxy far,far away are there??  (Ed. Note: Hint: we'll put a picture on our blog showing this at the end of the quiz.)

#4 -- Here's a tough one... You had to be a die-hard (and present during the film's theatrical run) to have the answer to this....Did you know that, in the theatrical version of the film shown in theaters in 1983, there was one additional scene after the end credits?  Yep...There was.  It isn't very long, but it's there.  Anyone that stayed after the film's credits ended can tell us what was in that scene....

#5 -- Hey, check out that guy reading the newspaper on the plane!  No, not Toht, the OTHER one.  Movie fanatics know who that is - He's known for the famous work he does BEHIND the cameras.  Watch that scene again, and think "special effects."  His name is.... ??

Well, that's all for our Tuesday entry into our officially irreverent blog, from the top Orange county casino night party company in southern California.   E-mail us your answers!  You can find our e-mail address on our official Aces Casino Entertainment web site link.  Take care, have a great week, and call us if you need your next party to have some pizzazz! 

Here's the image we promised....See 'em yet?

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