Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aces Casino "College of Casino Game Knowledge" -- 10 Tough Questions About The Game Of Blackjack

Occasionally, we here at Aces Casino, the orange county casino party leaders, will overhear what we'd classify as a "spirited discussion" about some of the casino games that our play-for-fun casino team offers to the masses all across this great state of California, specifically, Southern California.  (Yes, we do service the los angeles casino party area as well.  VERY well, we might add.)

At a recent event in Anaheim, it seemed that the "topic of the day" was Blackjack, one of the staples of the casino gaming industry.  Boy, were the inaccuracies about the game of Blackjack flying around the room THAT night.... (grin)

Here at Aces Casino (the orange county casino night leader), we take pride in our ability to keep all of our many Blog-Readers as well as our many clients here in southern California mentally sharp and ready to do battle in the Vegas casinos.  So we thought, "what better way to do THAT than by testing our casino party flock from time to time?" Here, it doesn't COST you anything.  The price is right, so to speak....

Yeah, we thought it was a great idea, too. We already test the SoCal masses at our just-for-fun casino tables with live dealers; Why not add a written test to the "blog" mix? For the record, we'll be utilizing our Aces Casino Blog for all kinds of testing, reaching out to ALL of the casino games that you love to play. We just HAD to start 2013 off with Blackjack, though. It's only fair.

For each of our "mid-term tests" that we'll propose over the coming weeks, the format will most likely remain the same; Ten questions, with all 10 questions dealing with the chosen game of the day, and all the questions being of the True/False variety. OK, if the orange county casino night Professor is ready, let's begin. (Ed. Note: all of the answers will appear at the end of the blog. No peeking.)

 Score well on our test, and pull up a seat right here.

OK, all you "expert Blackjack players:" The Professor is handing out the papers. Take one, and pass the rest back, please. It's time for all of you to take the Blackjack version of the "Aces Casino Mid-Term Gaming Test." Today's exercise deals with what most people consider the most popular game in Las Vegas -- 21, Blackjack.  Ready?  Begin.

Question 1. You should always hit a hand of 16 against a dealer's 10.

Question 2. A player that loses four hands in a row is due to win the next hand.

Question 3. It is not recommended to split 8's against a dealer's 10 or Ace.

Question 4. It doesn't matter which spot you sit down at when joining a game of Blackjack.

Question 5. You should always take even money when you have a blackjack and the dealer's up-card is an Ace. (2-point question.)

Question 6. Referring to a strategy card while playing at a Las Vegas casino Blackjack table is perfectly legal.

Question 7. A Blackjack player who is misplaying their hands will always cause the other players at the table to lose.

Question 8. The house edge against the player changes, depending on how many decks are used at the table.

Question 9. A Blackjack player that enters the game in the middle of a shoe will change the flow of the cards and ultimately alter the game in favor of the casino.

Question 10. When splitting Aces at the table, you are only allowed one up card per Ace.

OK, let's see how you did. I'm SURE that our students know their Blackjack. (Aren't we? Gee, I hope so....Grin)


Question 1. FALSE. Did we get you already? Yes, surprisingly, that IS false. Remember, some casinos in Las Vegas use what is called the "Surrender" play at the table, where you can surrender half of your bet before hitting or standing. If you have 16 and the dealer is showing a ten, "Basic Strategy" suggests the player "surrender."

Question 2. FALSE. The deck of cards has no idea how the previous hands were dealt or played. Therefore, there is no mathematical theory around that has EVER suggested that this could possibly be true. Nope, false.

Question 3. Sorry, that's FALSE, too. Basic Strategy suggests that you do just that -- Split 'em. Look it up. I ain't lyin', here.

Question 4. TRUE. I'm sure that some might think the 3rd-base position is where the experts should play, but your personal chances of winning have nothing to do with actual seat position. Math wins again.

Question 5. FALSE. People, you're giving the house back a significant edge if you take the "even money" bait. ALWAYS take the 3-to-2 odds in your favor. Remember, thirteen possible cards under the dealer's hand, and only 4 of them make Blackjack (10-J-Q-K). Take the 3-to-2, baby. Two points for getting this one right.

Question 6. TRUE. I know you've heard all of the card-counter stuff, but here's the straight dope; having a basic strategy card to assist in your play is not only legal, but a VERY good idea.

Question 7. FALSE. Who told you THAT lie? Believe me, you have to take all of the superstition out of your game, if you believe this one. Doesn't matter if you're playing with rocket scientists or Raider fans: Those other players do NOT change your odds of winning. Trust me.

Question 8. TRUE. The house edge DOES change when fewer decks are used. Check out this link to see how much the differences are between using one deck and using an eight-deck shoe.

Question 9. FALSE. The flow of the cards dealt out might change, but there's no way to predict if this helps or hurts the players. Think about it.

Question 10. TRUE. Las Vegas casinos only allow the one mandatory card on each Ace. I know, sometimes you wish you could hit again. Uh-uhh. Nope, no-can-do. Aces Casino wouldn't be doing it's orange county casino night job right, if we weren't trying to help out a lil' bit.

Well, how did you do? Hopefully, you all scored a perfect "11." Come back any time, we're always discussing your favorite games here at the Aces Casino Blog.  Have a favorite game that you'd like to see the Aces Casino team put through it's paces in testing form?  Drop us a line on the Aces Casino web site link attached to our blog, and let us know!  That's what we're here for - Fun and GAMES!  (And an occasional pop-quiz.)

The questions get harder NEXT week... Back by popular demand, It's time to take on the incredibly complicated (but highly repetitive) game of Craps, as only the top Orange County casino party company in SoCal can.  Vring your "A" game, and we'll see you next Monday!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: The Wild History of L.A.'s 1930's Gambling Ships and "The Battle Of Santa Monica Bay"

Here at Aces Casino, the place widely recognized as the top orange county casino party in southern California, we're big on history -- Specifically the history surrounding the casino gaming industry and the many games that we love to play.  At one of our casino night events held recently, some questions arose that centered around OUR favorite stories regarding this relatively short, but interesting history surrounding west coast casino gaming.

When my response to their inquiry brought up "The Battle of Santa Monica Bay," you could hear a pin drop.  Quizzical looks were aplenty, as everyone looked at me and asked their one-word question.... "What??" 

"You've never heard of The Battle of Santa Monica Bay,?" I responded as if I was dumbfounded, yet with a slightly sarcastic tone.  "Why, It's only the greatest southern California naval battle in the HISTORY of Los Angeles casino gaming!"  To which our Aces Casino crew said, "Blarney!  But tell us more about this 'Battle of Santa Monica Bay,' Aces...."  (Ed. Note: Yeah, It's true.... I'm the one that asked.  Sue me, I had never heard the story.)

Why, I'll be happy to tell you, my friends... The story goes something like this.... Back in the 1920's and 1930's, way before Las Vegas was truly born, and right smack-dab in the middle of prohibition  (Ed. Note: back in your teenage years, I'm guessing...hehe), the L.A. residents from that time period loved to take a lil' drink (which were against the rules of prohibition) and play those famous games of chance that we all know so well (Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and the like), which were truly outlawed by the staunch rules against gambling in Los Angeles County.

That's where a man named Tony Cornero came in.

You can guess which one is Tony "The Hat" Cornero.

Tony Cornero wasn't big on the laws of L.A. at the time, and thought he had figured out a way to beat the system -- Gambling ships.  He came up with the idea that went something like this; If maritime laws allowed the playing of games of chance in international waters, than why doesn't someone get a big boat that's loaded with game tables and slot machines, float it out about 3.1 miles off the coast in Santa Monica bay, and "Viola!"  Meet the gambling ship "Rex," and instant floating casino. 

Not exactly the Disney "Fantasy," but not bad for the 1930's.

For it's day, the "Rex" had all the amenities that gambling buffs and top-notch Hollywood stars were looking for, and at just some 3 miles away from the Santa Monica pier, it (as well as three other ships known for providing the same mode of entertainment) was within easy reach of the "water taxis" of the time.  And, boy, did Mr. Cornero advertise his wares in the local papers....

Tell me you wouldn't want to catch a water taxi, and check this out.

Unfortunately for "The Hat," the then-California Attorney General, Earl Warren was NOT too hep or big on Cornero and his floating casino in Santa Monica Bay.  He set out to take "The Hat" down, and the way he did it was a stroke of genius.  You can read all about "The Battle Of Santa Monica Bay" by using this link.  It's a great piece of L.A. history, and no one tells it better than "LAIST."   Oh - But, before we go, we have to share one more photograph taken during former Attorney General Warren's raid that fateful day in 1939.  Here's a warning to those of you that love to gaze at vintage slot machines; You may want to turn away from the screen.....

Bet "The Hat" didn't dig THIS.  So sad to see...

And just for reference.... Those of you out there that are wondering why Aces Casino Entertainment goes the extra mile to bring these fun and informative stories to our long-time Aces Blog, when other companies can't even spell the word, "Blog" -- We love going the extra mile for ALL of our clients, as well as prospective clients.  Heck, out top-viewed blog entry of all time is the one about the three things that everyone should look into when hiring a good casino party company.  Our competitors are learning the ropes thru us; what do they say?  "Often imitated, never duplicated."  Every client of ours finds this out eventually -- We're NOT like ANY other casino party company out there.  We love what we do, and we do it well.  THAT'S why we're the top-rated orange county casino party company in the biz... OK, brag over.

That's all for now.  Hope you enjoyed our little Aces Casino Blog trip down memory lane.... We'll be back on Thursday with another "scintillating" blog entry from the top orange county casino night party company in SoCal - Next time, we go back to school with the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge" and hit our readers with 10 tough trivia questions about the game of Blackjack..  So, study up for Thursday's "test," and have a good week!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Aces Blog: 3 Places in Vegas that you Didn't Know Existed, but Should be on Your "Must-See" List

It's true that Aces Casino, being the "virtual" orange county casino party company that we are, gets a lot of questions at each and every event we host that have something to do with the REAL casinos, specifically, the ones in Las Vegas, Nevada.  After all, what better time is there to ask questions about "Vegas" than playing the games they PLAY in the city they call "Glitter Gulch" than actually being AROUND the casino games themselves?  It kinda gets one in the "Vegas" mood, especially when the games WE provide are played with fake chips.  (All the fun, without the "sting.")

Yes, questions abound about Las Vegas, but sometimes, those questions from our clients and their guests don't have anything to do with Aces Casino, SoCal's top orange county casino night company, OR the games that Aces Casino OR the Las Vegas casinos have to offer.  Sometimes, people just ask questions like, "Hey, Aces, tell us about some of the places in Las Vegas that we don't know about, places that aren't necessarily gambling spots, but might be fun to visit."

Your wish is my command, my friends.  Here's a list of three out-of-the-way, inexpensive (or free) places that we'd put on anyone's "Must-See" list when heading out to Las Vegas on your next visit.  For most of these, you'll need a sense of 'nostalgia interest,' or else, you're in the wrong place...

#1 -- The Neon Museum (A.K.A. "The Neon Boneyard")

The Neon Museum, located at 821 Las Vegas Blvd. North (Downtown Las Vegas), but, as you can tell by giving their web site linked here a quick perusal, they're NOT big on what we'd call, "surprise appearances."  Translation:  contact the working office at the museum as far in advance as possible (they recommend a two-week notice, most times) at 702-387-6366, and schedule an appointment.  You WON'T be sorry.

 Look, they even have Rosie O'Donnell's Shoes on display.

The staff over at the Neon Museum gives guided tours and provides mucho info on the history of some of the old neon signs that most of you might recognize from the past of Vegas.  Not a lot of people even know the museum exists, but it's out there, and it's a must-see for ANYONE with interest in the past of this great city.  Extra info -Ask about the locations of some of the other individual sites that the museum has used to display other pieces of the neon/sign history of Las Vegas.  They're all OVER the city.

#2 -- The Sci-Fi Center

Located near the 600 block of East Sahara (Suite 12, to be exact), The "Sci Fi Center" is run on the cheap, But they've done a lot with a little.  They converted the spacious back room of a comic book shop into a small theater, complete with old theater chairs.  And in the evenings on weekend days, they sell cheap tickets ($5 when I went) to watch classic science fiction television shows and movies, as well as the best and worst horror films ever made.  It's fun, it's cheap and usually filled with welcoming staff and theatergoers.

If this type of film is your thing (and who DOESN'T like a campy horror classic every once in a while), the Sci-Fi Center is another of the Aces Casino "gotta see it" spots.  You can link up to these guys and gals here, which is their Facebook page.  Love Sci-Fi classics and comic books?  This is the place for you, my friends.  Don't miss it, courtesy of the top Orange County casino party company in SoCal.  (We love being the Los Angeles casino party giant, too.)  Seriously, though - This place is a MUST-see for ANYONE that has interest in comic books, campy films, and what-have-you.  Put this one at the top of your list, you won't be sorry.  The picture on this web site might not be good, but it's one of those places that you HAVE to see in person.

See?  It's right there (Where?) next to Tony Roma's.  Honest.

#3 -- The Las Vegas Pinball Hall Of Fame

Now, I KNOW you haven't heard of THIS place.  Come on, now...Who HASN'T played a few games of pinball, or better yet -- Who'd like to take another shot at one of the older pinball games that you USED to play, but can't find that particular game anywhere?  I bet you thought that you were out of luck, that time had passed you by... Well, the staff here at Aces Casino is here to tell you that you're WRONG.

Not only is there a "Pinball Hall Of Fame," but ALL, and I mean ALL of the games in this pinball Mecca are operational, and available to play for pennies on the dollar.  The PHOF is located at 1610 Tropicana Avenue in Vegas, right across from the Liberace Museum, and is a total throw-back to the past, and a blast for pinball addicts from ages 8 to 108.  ALL of your old faves are there, it's "Pinball Nirvana."

 Gimme a roll of quarters, and get out of my way.

You can find the Pinball Hall Of Fame website here, and don't worry about bringing enough quarters - They'll gladly make change for you on site.  Last time I was there, the hours were 11am-to-11pm, 7 days a week.  Full-blown nostalgia is inside this 10,000 square foot homage to flipper-itis.  Does this look like fun, or what?  You're welcome, just another way that our orange county casino party company can give back to the masses.  

As you can probably tell, we're all about games here at Aces Casino, as you can tell with this entry.  That last one's our favorite, the Pinball museum.  I've always wanted a place where I could go and touch the "artifacts."  Try touching those mummies over at Bowers Museum and watch what happens.  (I did.  Long story, for some other blog.)    Great Blog suggestion by the staff here to kick off the week -- We'll be back on Tuesday with another entry in the Aces Casino Blog, A.K.A. "The Parakeet Page."  Have a good week, and we'll see you next week!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: When They Name a Horse Race After You, You KNOW Something's Gonna Happen

We here at Aces Casino (also known as the top Orange County casino party company in southern California) thought we had hit the BIG time about 15 years or so ago, when none other than Bruce Willis tossed one of our storied Aces Casino blackjack tables over the side of the Queen Mary in Long Beach.  (Ed. Note: It's a long story, here's the link.)

Well, yeah, actually, that WAS big for Aces Casino Entertainment.  That one toss put us on the map, and sent our team of casino crazies and our spectacular casino equipment right to the top of the lists of nearly every major event planner ans coordinator in the southland.  Yes, The table is still there, sleeping with the fishes of Long Beach harbor. Frankly we might not be where we are now without that incidental outburst by one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood - But, every once in a while, another golden opportunity for corporate stardom and the chance to make more headlines makes itself known to the powers that be here at Aces Casino.

And, if you know us, you KNOW we just can't pass up a chance like THAT.

It started with an unassuming phone call from the brass over at Hollywood Park Race Track, long known for displaying a lot of my torn-up tickets from the past.  Their catering division was looking for some group discounts on some future events at their facility, discounts that were so huge that they were told by the powers that be here at Aces Casino that "the only way we could contract for events that low was to have the track name a race after us."

To which they replied, "No Problem." 

I suppose that comes under the heading, "be careful what you ask for - you might just get it."

We were soon notified at our main offices that, yes, in fact, this was something that was already in the works, and scheduled for the 6th race of the last day of the meet, on Sunday, December 18, 2012.  Yep - The 6th race on that date was officially "The Aces Casino Invitational,"  and Hollywood Park Race Track would pull out ALL the stops to make this day a true event.  They told us that they had free admissions for our team of crazies,  reservations for ALL of us in their upscale Turf Club seating, and even lunch right before the race.  And, for the piece-de-resistance, all of us were invited down to the winners circle to have our picture taken with the winning horse and jockey after the race!

Wow, sounded great to all of us.  We couldn't WAIT.  It was going to be a blast!

And it was.

The day finally comes, and we travel on out to the track.  As we ENTER the parking lot, we get what we'd call "the good news and the bad news."  The GOOD news is, the paperwork that Hollywood Park sent us to expedite everything in regards to our big day at the track was perfect.  The parking attendant showed us where to park, and where to go once we entered the turf club.

The BAD news was out of the hands of the execs at the track.  It started to rain.  And rain HARD.

No problem, we thought..... We'll hop inside the Turf Club, and under the overhang that normally shields everyone from the elements.  So, we take the elevator up, and boom!  Right to the Turf Club, where they're expecting us.  The Maitre'D (Wow, total class for the customer) personally escorts us to our reserved table in the Turf Club Restaurant.  OUTSIDE, in the viewing area.  The cold, rainy, and now WINDY viewing area.

OK, no prob.  Hey, It's on the house, what's a little chilly weather?

Soon, the very nice waiter takes our order, and informs us that our timing is perfect.  The REASON for this is quickly apparent -- The track's bugler/trumpeter, Jay Cohen, is walking right toward us.  The waiter leaves, and Jay takes his place, and has a seat right at our table.  VERY cool moment for me, because I've frequented both HollyPark AND Santa Anita for many years, 25 of those being the time that Jay Cohen has been the the man that signals the "call to the post."

Jay Cohen, in the flesh.  The hat tells the weather story.

Jay talks with us for quite some time, answers everyone's questions (including my son's request for info on playing the trumpet, his horn of choice), and wishes us well on our special day.  Lunch comes (It was FANTASTIC), and, once that's over with, another representative of the race track comes to greet us and let us know where we need to go to be a part of shooting the pictures in the winners' circle.  She DOES warn us about the treacherous conditions once we leave the sanctity of the overhang that is currently protecting us from the ever-increasing rain. 

I check out the program that the track supplied for everyone in our party, simply for one reason - I HAVE to place a BET on the Aces Casino Invitational, don't I?  I check out the field, and there are two horses that stand out - Cavallo, who's coming out of the 12-hole and is EASILY the class of this field at 3/2, and a horse named "Gambler's Pick," who looks to go off at about 8-1.  Oops, wait a minute - As I go to the window to bet the obvious selection, Gambler's Pick, I discover that the horse has been scratched, as a result of the weather.  Darn it.  OK, Cavallo it is.  

The track's liaison leads us down the stairs to the area in front of the winner's circle, where we can catch a glimpse of two things... The 6th race itself, and the weather.  As we leave the safety of the track's overhang, the weather hits us, full-force.  It is COMIN' DOWN out here, and there's no way to escape the weather as the race is being run.  Hey, it's on the house, gotta go with the flow.

The race starts, and we've got a pretty good view of the backstretch, and from where I'm standing, I can heasr the track announcer's call perfectly.  It sounds like Cavallo has the race well in hand, and as the horses appear to our view as they near the finish line, it's Cavallo by six lengths.  Winner!  (Ed. Note: He paid $3.  Hey, I'll take it.)

So, it's still raining pretty hard as Cavallo comes back into view, and heads towards us in the winners' circle.  The track liaison helps us get into position, and before we do that, I snap another candid picture.  Oh, by the way, Rafael Bejarano was the runaway winner of the leading jockey's award for the session by a mile )and an eighth).   Class guy, took a few more pics with us before he had to go and get ready for the 7th race.

Cavallo, the winner of the 6th race.  Rafael Bejarano aboard.

There's another picture of us with Cavallo, Bejarano, and the Aces Casino gang that we need to make available to the masses (all 5 of you) as we posed in the winner's circle after this rain-soaked blast of a race day.  Once we get it, we'll post it here.  All of us here at Aces Casino would like to thank that many members of the staff of Hollywood Park Race Track on a super-fun day at the races, a day where we witnessed the "Aces Casino Invitational."  (Ed. Note: In the rain.)

We'll get back on our twice-weekly blog-a-thon writing, we promise.  Oh, and remember - Anyone in need of top-flight casino entertainment services for their next party, corporate event or fundraiser need look no further than the top orange county casino party company - Aces Casino!  And with that, we'll be back here on Friday with our usual drivel -- This time, it'll be our blog entry on "3 places that you may not know exist in Las Vegas, but you HAVE to visit the next time you're there."   Sound good?  Thought so!  We'll see you on Friday!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Aces Casino Blog: Movie Trivia Time! EVERYBODY Loves THIS One - "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" (1981)

Boy, it is SOOOO good to be back with the ol' Aces Casino Blog.  Oh, don't get me wrong - We DO love the holiday season here at the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, but 38 events in 31 days tends to wipe all of us out a little bit.  So - What's the best way to get back into the Aces Blog swing of things?  Why, by getting back into what we do best around here on Tuesdays, of course - Time-wasting trivia contests!  (Ed. Note: with the emphasis on "time wasting.")

As long-time Aces Blog readers already know, the staff here at Aces Casino are not just the reason that our company is the top Orange County casino party company in SoCal -- They're also the best at wasting time literally EVERY Tuesday here in the Aces offices.  So, when the topic of discussion came up in the hallways concerning "what the next scintillating topic" would make it's appearance on the ol' Blog on Thursday, it turned out to be a no-brainer.

But ..... Not just ANY "no-brainer."

You see, besides all the other accolades heaped upon our bright-eyed Orange County casino night team, we here at Aces Casino are ALSO known for our intense trivia contests.  (Ed. Note: Show up an hour early for an event out with our friends at K. Hovnanian Homebuilders someday, and you'll find this lil' ditty is WAY true.)  So, it made mucho sense to begin to share this inter-office "trivia game" with the blog-readers of the outside world, starting with this very blog-effort.

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you "Entry #2" in the Aces Casino Blog "Recurring Theme" series -- It's time for the Aces Casino Entertainment Tough Trivia Game!  We'll do this as much as possible, so send us the titles of your favorite films, and we'll do the "Tough Trivia" thing any time we get five good questions from our Aces Casino team.

Last time out, we did "Jaws."  THIS time, our readers that e-mailed us suggested another Spielberg classic: "Raiders Of The Lost Ark."  Good luck to all of you.... Also, if you think you've hammered all five trivia questions, send us an e-mail with your answers: You'll be eligible for the monthly drawing for a trip for two to Las Vegas.  (Ed. Note: Come on now.. We wouldn't send you to Lancaster.)

OK, We'll give out five questions, and they can be fairly challenging at times....  Here come the questions in "Raiders of the Lost Ark Tough Trivia."  The answers will appear next week....  Ready?  I hope so..

#1 -- We'll hit the ground running with something that you might remember being mentioned twice - Once in this movie, and the other time in the 3rd film in the series, "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."   What is Indiana Jones ACTUAL given first name?  (They named the DOG 'Indiana,' for some reason.)

#2 -- Karen Allen was the star that played the character named "Marion Ravenwood."  Since we're discussing first names here in our trivia contest, surely you can tell us Marion's FATHER'S name, right?

"Mmmm.... We...are not thirsty..."

#3 -- Two "famous" characters that are not part of the movie show up on one of the columns in the 'Well Of Souls' scene in the film.  What two famous George Lucas characters from a galaxy far,far away are there??  (Ed. Note: Hint: we'll put a picture on our blog showing this at the end of the quiz.)

#4 -- Here's a tough one... You had to be a die-hard (and present during the film's theatrical run) to have the answer to this....Did you know that, in the theatrical version of the film shown in theaters in 1983, there was one additional scene after the end credits?  Yep...There was.  It isn't very long, but it's there.  Anyone that stayed after the film's credits ended can tell us what was in that scene....

#5 -- Hey, check out that guy reading the newspaper on the plane!  No, not Toht, the OTHER one.  Movie fanatics know who that is - He's known for the famous work he does BEHIND the cameras.  Watch that scene again, and think "special effects."  His name is.... ??

Well, that's all for our Tuesday entry into our officially irreverent blog, from the top Orange county casino night party company in southern California.   E-mail us your answers!  You can find our e-mail address on our official Aces Casino Entertainment web site link.  Take care, have a great week, and call us if you need your next party to have some pizzazz! 

Here's the image we promised....See 'em yet?